Capabilities Upgrade, Su-57 Fighter Jet Will Receive Suite

Capabilities Upgrade, Su-57 Fighter Jet Will Receive Suite
The Russian Su-57- and Su-75 (Checkmate) Fighter Jets

International Military - Russia's next generation fighter, the Su-57 will receive a new communications suite. This was announced by Ruselectronics Group, the state technology company Rostec.

In this regard, the Su-57 is actually still very limited in the Russian Air Force. However, he is the only fighter jet in the world whose generation has seen combat.

The battle was specialized in using weapons beyond visual range after participating in campaigns in both Ukraine and Syria.

Quoted from Military Watch Magazine, the company Ruselectronics Group said "The prototype of the improved communication system is in the manufacturing stage and their testing is scheduled in mid-autumn, specifically on the Su-57 aircraft,".

The Polyot Research and Production Enterprise within the Ruselectronics Group is responsible for the development work. Meanwhile, the communications suite is one of various technologies being developed to modernize the Su-57. Others range from air-to-air, hypersonic ballistic missiles to electromagnetic weapons and data links.

The aircraft is expected to enter service at a rate of 14 per year by 2026, although this is still well below half the production rate of its closest foreign competitor China's J-20. The Russian Air Force is expected to field 78 Su-57s by the end of 2027 and has received 22 before the end of 2024.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the Sukhoi Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter built in Russia. It can eliminate any type of air, ground or maritime target.

According to its developers, the Su-57 fighter jet also uses a lot of composite materials and stealth technology. The aircraft is capable of reaching supersonic cruising speeds and is equipped with the latest onboard radio-electronic technology. These included a powerful onboard computer (dubbed the "electronic second pilot"), a full-body radar system, and several other innovations.

This includes weaponry that is housed in the fuselage. Pilots can use the beam maneuver, in which the aircraft swerves perpendicular to the enemy's pulse doppler radar array to avoid detection due to side view radar. In addition, it will also increase the pilot's situational awareness.

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