All things RIMPAC 2022, Starting from Burning Ships to the Indonesian Navy that Carved Victory

All things RIMPAC 2022, Starting from Burning Ships to the Indonesian Navy that Carved Victory
The world's largest naval exercise, Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) /Asia Times

International Military - Rim of the Pacific or abbreviated as RIMPAC is the largest naval exercise in the world which is participated by many countries. A total of 26 countries have started the 28th edition of the biennial multinational maritime exercise RIMPAC 2022.

The exercise began on June 29 around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California, and will end on August 4. The roughly month-long exercise was led by the US and involved 28 surface ships, 30 unmanned systems, 9 national ground forces, 4 submarines and about 170 aircraft.

As explained by the US Navy (Navy), the theme raised at this year's RIMPAC is "Capable (capable), Adaptive (adaptive), Partners (partners)". "By coming together as a Capable, Adaptive Partner and at this scale, we are making a statement of our commitment to working together to foster and maintain the relationships that are critical to ensuring the security of sea lanes and the security of the world's interconnected oceans," said the Vice Admiral. RIMPAC 2022 Commander Michael Boyle.

During the exercise, approximately 25,000 thousand personnel from participating countries will operate together and use various capabilities to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

The range of exercises includes anti-submarine, missile, cannon, air defense, counter-piracy, mine clearance, amphibious, diving, rescue operations, and explosive ordnance disposal operations. In addition, this year's edition of RIMPAC also introduces space and cyber operations for all participating countries.

Peruvian corvette on fire

The US Navy reported that there had been a fire aboard the warship during the RIMPAC 2022 exercise session, at around 8 a.m. on Sunday 17 July. Two sailors aboard the Peruvian Navy ship were injured in a fire in the engine room during an exercise off the coast of Hawaii, the Maritime Executive reported.

They were evacuated by French Navy helicopters from the frigate FS Prairial in operation lilypad. First to the USC Coast Guard cutter USCGC Midgett (command ship for the Guise task force) and then to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln before being moved ashore.

According to a US Navy spokesman, the victims are in a "very stable" condition. The ship on fire has been confirmed, the corvette BAP Guise, the only warship Peru has sent for this exercise.

The BAP Guise is a former South Korean Navy corvette built by Hanjin Heavy Industries in 1987. The ship was decommissioned in 2019 and transferred to Peru last year.

The sale included a significant repair program, including the dismantling and reconditioning of its diesel engine and gas turbine. His recommissioning ceremony was held in January, just six months before the fire.

Indonesian Navy Scores Combat Victory

Following this largest naval exercise, the Indonesian Navy brought 35 marines and 1 KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai 332. It was reported that a platoon of the Joint Multilateral Rim of The Pacific Exercise Task Force (Satgas Latma RIMPAC) 2022 Marines of the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) succeeded attack and repulse the enemy.

It should be underlined that all these heroic actions are part of the RIMPAC 2022 exercise. That is, all battle scenarios have been prepared in advance by the official charts there.

In addition, the Indonesian Navy in carrying out its actions was accompanied by the United State Marine Corps (USMC), and Korean marines in the Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) field application at the Marine Corps Training Area Bellows (MCTAB), Hawaii, United States (US).

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