US Plans to Send Robot Dogs to Ukraine, What's the Advantage on the Battlefield?

US Plans to Send Robot Dogs to Ukraine, What's the Advantage on the Battlefield?
US Plans to Send Robot Dogs to Ukraine

International Military - Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has continued to receive a lot of support and assistance from the state. One of these aids is known to have come from the United States, which has even promised to add weapons to Ukraine.

Quoted from The Defense Post, the United States Army will provide different assistance. It is known that Ukraine will be sent a robot dog that can help clear mines. This robot dog is indeed owned by a non-profit organization in the United States.

So it is hoped that this delivery can help Ukraine in eliminating mines and explosive ammunition in the region. Even the United States Army Futures Command has approved this delivery. In his report, it is known that one of the two robot dogs owned will be used by Ukraine.

Regarding this, the group's executive director, Chris Whatley said that this robot dog has various advantages. One of them can move mines, unexploded bullets, to cluster ammunition from the area around Kyiv. Robot dog that can be controlled remotely, is rumored to be able to step on various terrains.

Even though it is in an area of ​​gravel, grass, to long stairs. For payloads, this agile robot is reported to be able to carry payloads up to 14 kilograms. "If you can move something without harming people and move it far enough away, you can take it to a detonator in a safe place," Whatkey said.

However, it is known that this task can take quite a long time, ranging from five to ten years. However, this effort can also help residents, who are at risk of stepping on hidden mines or traps.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has also said the same thing. "Antipersonnel and anti-vehicle mines, as well as other ammunition that have not exploded or been left in Ukraine, can threaten the lives of millions of people," he said. It will take years for this problem to be removed so that the community can also be safe.

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