US Air Force Officers Openly Leak Unusual Performance Capability of CV-22 Osprey

US Air Force Officers Openly Leak Unusual Performance Capability of CV-22 Osprey
CV-22 Osprey

International Military - CV-22 Osprey has recently been busy talking about its newest role. The helicopter's latest gait is about its quite sophisticated capabilities. The advanced capabilities of the CV-22 Osprey are known to successfully carry out aerial refueling.

Air refueling carried out by the aircraft is known for the first time with the KC-46 Pegasus. And this was done by KC-46 Pegasus and CV-22 Osprey in early June 2022. Due to this incident, this aircraft has proven that it is very qualified.

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Especially about the quality of the CV-22 Osprey in carrying out long-distance flying missions via refueling in the air. In addition, there is an explanation that the quality of this aircraft is also quite impressive. Launching from, the CV-22 Osprey is a tilt rotor aircraft that combines the qualities of a vertical takeoff. And the quality of long-range characteristics is the leading technology in the CV-22 Osprey. For this reason, this aircraft has high quality fuel efficiency and speed.

That means the flight speed of the CV-22 Osprey is faster than helicopters in general. Therefore, the CV-22 Osprey mission is used to carry out infiltration missions. Then in the exfiltration mission the CV-22 Osprey can also be relied on.

And the most dominant in the CV-22 Osprey is the long-distance logistics supply mission. And for special operations forces can also be run by the CV-22 Osprey. As a result, the CV-22 Osprey is labeled as a versatile weapon system that can be used in various missions.

And the CV-22 Osprey can offer an above-average increase in speed and range. And it allows air crews such as special operations commandos to rely heavily on the CV-22 Osprey.

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Because the CV-22 Osprey itself can carry out long-range missions as well as other tactical missions. In addition, the CV-22 Osprey is equipped with integrated threat countermeasures.

Like the terrain-following radar, the detecting infrared sensor is on the CV-22 Osprey. As a result, the CV-22 Osprey can operate in a variety of difficult conditions.

Moreover, there is an explanation that the CV-22 Osprey is a special variant. What is meant as a special variant is if the CV-22 Osprey is used to support US special forces.

Historically, the first CV-22 Osprey was delivered to Edwards Air Force Base, California in September 2000. As a result the 58th Special Operations wing at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico began crew training of the CV-22 Osprey with the first two production aircraft.

And this was done in August 2006 and made the CV-22 Osprey more well-known. To that end the first operational CV-22 Osprey was delivered to the Air Force Special Operations Command in January 2007.

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The initial operational capability of the CV-22 Osprey was finally achieved in 2009. A total of 54 CV-22 Osprey are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2021. And until now the CV-22 Osprey is still actively operating in the US military.

You also need to know that the CV-22 Osprey has a fairly special performance characteristic. The special performance of the CV-22 Osprey is a matter of speed. It was clarified that the maximum flight speed of the CV-22 Osprey could reach 280 knots. If calculated, the CV-22 Osprey can fly up to a speed of 518 km/h.

As for the high flying power of the CV-22 Osprey, it can reach a height of 7.6 km. And the combat radius of the CV-22 Osprey reaches a distance of 500 miles (804 km). And if you don't use a combat radius, then there is an assumption that the CV-22 Osprey's cruising range can reach 1,600 km.

Previously, renowned US Air Force officers leaked the unusual performance capabilities of the CV-22 Osprey. It is known that the US Air Force officer who leaked the CV-22 Osprey's performance capabilities was Major Anthony Belviso.

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It is known from the page, Major Anthony Belviso himself is the commander of the CV-22 Osprey. And he openly leaked about the unusual performance of the CV-22 Osprey to the media. “The CV-22 is specifically designed for long-range missions, and when you add air refueling capability, you can extend that distance to the point where you are only limited by how long the crew can fly,” Belviso said.

From this explanation, the US Air Force officer leaked the CV-22 Osprey long-range mission. Moreover, by refueling in the air, it can increase the CV-22 Osprey's ability to fly quite far.

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