Sophistication at Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-28N Attack Helicopters from Russian That Destroyed Ukraine Tanks

Sophistication at Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-28N Attack Helicopters from Russian That Destroyed Ukraine Tanks
A Russian Ka-52 "Alligator" attack helicopter

International Military - The war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, involving many weapons operations. Call it anti-tank operations carried out in open areas. Facing this, the two countries are known to do two different things.

Ukraine is suspected of using their portable anti-tank systems, as well as the US-made Javelin missiles. However, on the other hand Russia is using its air superiority and deploying advanced and deadly attack helicopters.

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Among them, there are two deadly Russian helicopters, namely the Kamov Ka 52 Alligator (Hokum-B) and Mil Mi 28N (Havoc). These two helicopters became the worst nightmare of Ukrainian armored units. So, how deadly are these two attack helicopters?

Quoted from Hot Cars, Mi 28N seems effective at higher altitudes. This is because he can fly 1,640 feet higher than his helicopter. Not only that, the Mi-28N is also claimed to be lighter and easier to fly.

On the other hand, the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is shorter, but the Mi-28N has a smaller vertical profile when the vortex ring mode is activated. Not only that, the second helicopter is more stable, but unlike the Ka-52, it is more affected by the side wings when hovering or landing.

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The Ka-52 has excellent maneuverability, but it can also be catastrophic. This is because there is a possibility of the rotors colliding with each other during extreme maneuvers. The Mi-28 on the other hand has the survivability of its predecessor: the Mi-24.

In Afghanistan and Chechnya, several Mi-28s managed to land safely, even without working rotors. However, the Ka-52 features an ejection seat, which is a very useful characteristic. The Mi-28 is more protected than the Ka-52, but the Kamov helicopter is more agile. On the Ka-52, the pilots sit side by side, while on the Mi-28, they sit together with the rear co-pilot slightly taller.

In the Ka-52 formation, pilots can cooperate more easily, especially during combat. Of course, the Mi-28 pilot had better visibility. The missile equipment of the two helicopters is very similar. Although, the Ka-52 has more difficult points to carry.

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The Kamov attack helicopter has 6 hard points which can carry a maximum payload of 4,410 pounds, while the Mi-28 has 4 hard points for a payload of 3,530 pounds. The Mil Mi-28N Havoc can carry 16 Ataka missiles, while the Ka-52 has a capacity of 12 Whirlwind guns.

In addition, the Ka-52's basic armament includes Igla-V and Igla-S air-to-air missiles, two weapons that protect the aircraft from air attacks. The difference with the Mi-28N is quite simple. The Ka-52 features more modern combat equipment, while the Mi-28N is generally more sophisticated.

The Mi-28N also allows pilots to more easily receive data in visual form, plus share it more quickly with a friendly operator.

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