Ukraine Says Russian Attacks Destroyed Homes for 3.5 Million People Since Invasion Begins

Ukraine Says Russian Attacks Destroyed Homes for 3.5 Million People Since Invasion Begins
Maxar satellite imagery of the overview of fires burning in residential area, Livoberezhnyi District, Mariupol, Ukraine

International Military - War easily shows the true face of humans, even a country. Tend to be frustrated that his invasion has become very unpopular at home and abroad, Russia's actions in its war with Ukraine are now increasingly brutal.

Russia demonstrated this uncivilized attitude by attacking civilian facilities and settlements of the Ukrainian population. Last Tuesday (28/6), for example, the Russian attack on a mall packed with thousands of visitors in the city of Kremenchuk, central Ukraine, killed 20 civilians.

Cash leaders of the G-7 countries called the barbaric attack "heinous" and added to the evidence of Russia's war crimes. They say indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians are war crimes and that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held accountable.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the act targeting civilians. Zelensky told the UN Security Council that Russia had acted like a terrorist state, carrying out a "massacre" across Ukraine.

Speaking via video, President Zelenskyy read out the names of Ukrainians, victims of the recent Russian attacks. As quoted by the non-profit public media organization NPR, Zelenskyy said that by attacking schools, shopping centers and many other civilian targets, Russia no longer had the right to remain with the UN agency.

Russia's barbaric act was not only done in the city of Kremenchuk. In the city of Lysychansk, Russia also bombarded residents who were taking drinking water supplies with rockets. "Eight Lysychansk residents died, 21 people were taken to hospital," Luhansk Governor Sergiy Haidai said on Telegram, as quoted by Reuters and EuroNews.

It is said that Russia used Uragan-type rockets containing cluster munitions in the attack. Since the previous week, war conditions have prompted the government to ask its citizens to leave the city. A senior US defense official said Russia, over the weekend, carried out about 60 strikes. Some of them were attacks on residential areas and civilian facilities.

The evidence adds to the long list of Russian attacks on Ukrainian citizens and civilian facilities. Since invading Ukraine on February 24, Russia has carried out aerial bombings of the theater in the port city of Mariupol in March, which is home to 600 civilians. Spokesman for the Odesa regional government, Serhiy Bratchuk, said Russia had also repeatedly attacked and destroyed residential areas in Odesa. The devastating attack that caused the fire left six people injured, including a small child.

Residents of the city of Kharkiv have also been repeatedly hit by Russian rockets. In addition to destroying people's homes, according to the regional governor, the attack also killed four people and injured 19 others. On Sunday, Russia again attacked the capital city of Kiev with a barrage of rockets. The attack on the settlement killed at least one civilian and injured several people.

In reaction to the bombings over the weekend President Zelensky said during a speech late Sunday that Ukraine needed modern air defense systems to prevent Russian missile attacks on civilians.

Russian attacks on civilian settlements and civilian facilities have destroyed the homes of 3.5 million people. In numerical terms, the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine records that 116,000 residential buildings have been destroyed.

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