Russia Warns West, More Arms to Ukraine And Longer War

Russia Warns West, More Arms to Ukraine And Longer War
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Moscow - Increasing Western arms shipments to Ukraine will only allow Russia to carry out more missions on the ground. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Quoted from Russia Today, Sergey Lavrov claims that the position of the West in terms of the situation in Ukraine is completely counterproductive and dangerous. “The more guns are pumped into Ukraine, the longer this conflict will last, the longer the suffering of the Nazi regime, backed by Western capitals, will last.

Lavrov commented on Ukrainian and Western politicians. he said it to emphasize the fact that the longer weapons are supplied, designed to prolong the conflict, prolong the suffering of civilians who are constantly living under bombardment by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement, the more missions we will have on the ground.

The Russian Foreign Minister added that this mission would be completed. Regarding allegations that Russian missiles hit a shopping mall in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, Lavrov referred to an earlier statement by the Russian Defense Ministry that the military targeted the hangar with American and European weapons and ammunition.

Lavrov stressed that the detonation set fire to an empty shopping center. Lavrov's remarks came as the G7 leaders agreed to continue to support Ukraine, both militarily and financially, for as long as needed.


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