Track Record Maverick's Action in Top Gun Movie Becomes Anomaly According to Scientists

Track Record Maverick's Action in Top Gun Movie Becomes Anomaly According to Scientists
Track Record Maverick's Action in Top Gun Movie
International Military - The actions of the main character of the film Top Gun, Maverick, played by Tom Cruise is an anomaly according to scientists. It is known that the film Top Gun is currently being screened in various theaters in the capital city and has immediately become the talk of the public.

In the film, it is told that Maverick (Tom Cruise) is entrusted with being a trainer for potential and young American fighter jet pilots. In contrast, Maverick in the film is said to be 57 years old.

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Guy Gratton, Senior Researcher from Brunnel University and also a retired British jet fighter pilot said old age is not a barrier to keep flying planes. Including fighter jets like Maverick did. Phil O'Dell, an airplane trainer from Rolls-Royce, according to him, once broke the speed record of an electric airplane at the age of 50.

He even cited himself as having flown a purely British-made electric plane, the Sherwood eKub Prototype. "I did it at the age of 51. So old age is not a problem. I even often meet fighter jet pilots who are still flying in their 60s," explained Guy Gratton.

Age is not a problem but the problem is Maverick's lifestyle. According to him, the film depicts Maverick as having a very complex nature, lifestyle and habits.

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Quoting the book Slide Rule, written by the famous pilot Nevil Shute, it is described that a good pilot is not someone who displays his courage in real, nor does he display an extravagant lifestyle. Be it romance or explicit treasures like luxury cars and big motorbikes.

"A good pilot is one who brings happiness to his family, wife and children. They depend on him. Take care of the helpless people he loves and who will be seriously injured if he loses his life. In the hands of such people, your plane will be as safe as possible," wrote Nevil Shute.

Guy Gratton continued from various researches that good pilots always have special characteristics. No matter what type of plane they are they always show a very stable emotional level, not easily offended and more careful.

Furthermore, a good pilot should not be one who enjoys high-risk stunts. Moreover, it didn't work as a team player. According to him, Maverick in the new Top Gun film will not be hindered by age and physical factors to become an excellent pilot. However, his lifestyle and character have become an anomaly.

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An inconceivable disposition would come in handy when allowed to carry an airplane with such great responsibility. "Can you be sure someone like Maverick is doing a very important job? It's very difficult. You need a pilot who is confident but can work with the team," said Guy Gratton.

It's just that he once again understands that the Maverick character in the film Top Gun is indeed just a fiction. The depiction of the gait of the pilots in the film is also only a small part of a large part of the lives of the pilots. "It should be emphasized that all of this was only done to make a very extraordinary entertainment film," he explained.

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