The World Is Hit by Hunger, President Vladimir Putin Blames The European Union and the US

The World Is Hit by Hunger, President Vladimir Putin Blames The European Union and the US
Russian President Vladimir Putin

International Military - The West's mismanagement of the global economy and reliance on mints to siphon goods from weaker countries are the real causes of inflation and the ongoing food crisis.

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a speech at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). In his speech, the Russian leader accused Western leaders of causing a global crisis, which could put hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people at risk of malnutrition.

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Ongoing price increases, inflation, problems with food and fuel, gas and energy in general are the result of systemic errors in the economic policies of the current US administration and European bureaucracy, Putin said. 2022).

Western countries print large sums of money to stimulate their economies and use it to buy goods abroad. “They pretty much suck, sweep the global market.

Naturally, no one cares to think about the interests of other countries, including the poorest among them," Putin said. "It was left with remains, at a very high price," he continued. Putin said the food crisis in particular was exacerbated by Western sanctions against Russia and Belarus, which created barriers to their fertilizer exports.

Fertilizer shortages lead to loss of crop yields, which means the risk of supply shortages on world markets will increase. Prices will rise even higher, posing a threat of famine, first of all in the poorest countries, Putin said.

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Putin stressed the famine that threatens to affect the consciences of people in Washington and Brussels. The Russian president then laughed off the idea that inflation was a “Putin price hike” as the US government branded it.

The idea may be flattering on the ego, but it has nothing to do with reality, he explained. "This issue has not arisen today or in the last three or four months. And it is certainly not Russia's fault, contrary to what some instigators have said, trying to blame our nation for everything that is happening in the world economy," he said.

The culprits, Putin said, are those who rely on financial emission mechanisms to buy, dragging supply chains towards them, ignoring the damage it might inflict on others. “Essentially, this is the same predatory colonial policy. But of course it comes in a new form, a new edition, more refined and shrewd,” he suggested.

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