Taiwan Invasion Plan, China Called Capable of Fighting Taiwan and Its Allies in 2027

Taiwan Invasion Plan, China Called Capable of Fighting Taiwan and Its Allies in 2027
China Called Capable of Fighting Taiwan and Its Allies in 2027

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- China and Taiwan have been in conflict for a long time. China views Taiwan as a rebellious province. Therefore, Beijing wants to reunite Taiwan with the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Quoted from cfr.org, Beijing has taken aggressive action, including by flying fighter jets near Taiwan. Some analysts say they fear Beijing's attack on Taiwan could potentially draw the United States into a war with China. Through a policy of strategic ambiguity, the US has been known for decades to try to strike a balance between supporting Taiwan and preventing war with China.

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But President Joe Biden appears to have rejected the policy, stating several times that the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked. Some experts, such as CFR's Richard Haass and David Sacks, and some members of Congress welcomed Biden's remarks, arguing that China's escalating aggression requires clarity. Other experts disagree with this position.

Meanwhile, quoted from the Eurasian Times, China is said to be able to fight Taiwan and its allies in 2027. This is based on a report by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense (MND) on June 5 quoted by Taiwanese media, Taipei News.

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According to a report cited by Taipei News, China has set a goal to modernize its warfare capabilities by 2027, which will also mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of its army. The report is believed to be under review by the Taiwan Legislative Yuan.

MND did not cite any evidence that China plans to invade Taiwan in 2027 or provide any intelligence that Beijing has given up on its vows to achieve "peaceful unification". The report said that China is expected to have regional air defense capabilities as well as long-range sea and air attack systems that will greatly expand its combat range.

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However, the report noted an increase in the number of warships deployed by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLA) along its southeastern coast in an effort to maintain its military advantage in the region and an effort to establish an intelligence warfare system by 2027.

According to the MND, this will allow China's navy and air force to project power at greater distances from its territory, expand the range of its military operations, and enable it to combat the joint forces of Taiwan and its allies.

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Similar remarks were made by retired Admiral Phil Davidson who led US forces in the Indo-Pacific until last year when he warned in March 2021. Davidson told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he believed the threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan would "manifest in the next six years." .

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