Russia's Big Ambition Delayed, Export Desire of 300 Su-75 Checkmate Threatened Totally Failed

Russia's Big Ambition Delayed, Export Desire of 300 Su-75 Checkmate Threatened Totally Failed
Russia's Sukhoi Su-75 "Checkmate"

International Military - Russia's Big Ambitions on the Horn, Export Desire 300 Su-75 Checkmate Threatened Totally Failed If most of the fuselage had horizontal elevators to control pitch and vertical rudders to control yaw, Checkmate had combined the two flight surfaces into one V-shaped rudder simplified, which may reduce the Radar Cross Section of the aircraft.

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The Checkmate's wings are said to be quite large, likely to increase lift and maneuverability. Checkmate is projected to exceed Mach 1.8 with a range of 3,000 kilometers. The internal chamber of the weapon will likely be capable of carrying a load of 7,400 kilograms.

As is well known, the Su-75 Checkmate enters production in the fall of 2021, shortly after the MAKS air show. Russia hopes to get Checkmate in the air by 2023 and start exporting in 2026.

Checkmate's main export customers are expected to be India, Vietnam and Argentina. Russia looking to expand its influence in the world is likely to explore potential buyers in South America and Africa.

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Ambitiously, Russia intends to export 300 Su-75 Checkmate in the next 15 years. But Russia's ambitions appear to be threatened by international sanctions imposed on Moscow (in response to the Ukrainian invasion).

Worst case scenario, Checkmate may never fly. With sanctions in place, Russia has struggled to get its hands on the semiconductors (a critical tool in the aviation industry) that power the computers to make modern jets.

Without semiconductors, the Su-75 program would not be able to develop. Russia also cannot import high-tech machine tools. Also, Russia's performance in Ukraine is less than optimal. Observers are left to question the quality of Russian military equipment. Footage of burning Russian tanks, helicopters and planes has made headlines.

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Last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that Ukraine had shot down more than 200 Russian planes. Simultaneously, international perceptions of Russia have collapsed.

Countries around the world have condemned Russia's illegal invasion, turning Putin and Russia into something of an international pariah. However, it may not affect Russia's ability to export its military equipment.

Countries that cannot manufacture their own fifth-generation stealth fighters at home should look to export markets. And countries within Russia's sphere of influence will still buy Russian equipment, regardless of whether the international community is disillusioned with Putin.

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In addition, Russia has a proven track record in aerospace design. Whatever Sukhoi makes will be sufficient for the needs of Argentina and Vietnam.

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