There are Only 2 Units In the World, America Class Amphibious Assault Ships That Can Carry 1,500 Landing Troops

There are Only 2 Units In the World, America Class Amphibious Assault Ships That Can Carry 1,500 Landing Troops
America Class Amphibious Assault Ship

International Military - Amphibious assault ship is indeed one of the defense equipment that has a high role. Because the amphibious assault ship itself is an important element for a country that has a sea coast. Due to the presence of an amphibious assault ship, the offensive and defensive roles can be carried out by the landing troops (marines).

What's more, amphibious assault ships can also carry out several tactical missions, one of which is SAR. For this reason, it is clear that the role of amphibious assault ships can be deployed in disaster response missions in coastal areas. Moreover, amphibious assault ships seem to be of different classes.

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Quoted from, there are types of amphibious assault ships from LPH, LHD, LPD, to helicopter destroyers. Moreover, there is an amphibious assault ship whose role is quite vital and there are only 2 units in the world. It is known if the amphibious assault ship is owned by the US and is still active to this day. It is known that the amphibious assault ship is America class.

Quoting from, America class is devoted to supporting raids on coastal areas. The role of the attack carried out by America class itself was in the form of a storage area for transportation defense equipment.

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The transportation defense equipment in the America class is in the form of medium and heavy transport helicopters and attack helicopters. Meanwhile, not to mention that the current America class is also equipped with the latest 5th generation STVOL fighter jets. The fighter jet is the F-35B Lightning II which has been deployed in America class.

To be able to find out some of the number of defense equipment compositions that America class can send, here's an explanation. Quoted from, America class has a composition of fighter jets, transport helicopters, and attack helicopters. The fighter jets in America class are known to carry the special F-35B.

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Meanwhile, in the heavyweight transport helicopter in the America class, there are 12 MV-22B Osprey units. Not only the MV-22B Osprey, but America class can also accommodate the CH-53K defense equipment. In addition, if there is an MH-60 on the transport helicopter, 3-6 units can be carried in America class.

And lastly if America class can carry the AH-1Z attack helicopter. With these several defense equipment, it is clear that America class is equipped with a lot of troops. It is explained that America class can accommodate 1,500 Marines.

Of these many troops, America class is able to carry out amphibious assault missions. For this reason, it is clear that the America class is an amphibious assault ship with very complete facilities. Moreover, there is information that America class is capable of carrying out humanitarian missions.

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The humanitarian mission is like a hospital ship and a SAR search mission can be from America class. Especially in America class capable of carrying out command center missions. And it's clear that America class is able to command offensive and defensive attack operations.

For this reason, it is clear that America class is equipped with several types of heavy weapons. Especially heavy weapons specifically intended for defense operations. Ranging from ESSM air defense missiles to CIWS Phalanx to fend off air attacks are in America class. With these weapons, it is clear that America class has a high enough performance.

It is clarified that America class can sail with a maximum speed of 37 km/h. Until now, the United States military only has 2 units of America class. And later as many as 11 units of America class will complete in the ranks of the Navy.

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In addition, America class was created to replace the old Wasp class. The development and design of the America class was carried out in 2008. And finally the first was completed in 2014 after it was finally unveiled. Until now America class is still actively operating.

In addition, America class has a hangar large enough to accommodate aircraft movements. For this reason, America class can also increase aviation fuel capacity. And storage for aviation spare parts can be done America class.

As well as supporting equipment can be included in America class. And it is clear that America class is able to support various types of operations. In addition, America class ships are equipped with the SSDS ship self-defense system.

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From the SSDS system, America class can fend off missile attacks. With some of these sophisticated systems, it is clear that America class is quite famous. There is also information that explains if America class is categorized as a light aircraft carrier.

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