Russia Says US Takes Provocative Actions Over Conflict in Ukraine

Russia Says US Takes Provocative Actions Over Conflict in Ukraine
The US president, Joe Biden, speaking to the news media on Thursday about the situation in Ukraine. Photograph

International Military - The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to this day, although both have suffered a lot of losses. Ukraine is known to get a lot of enthusiastic support to defend their country. In addition, Ukraine also received a lot of weapons assistance, including from the United States (US) and Germany.

Reporting from, the US and Germany have indeed promised to equip Ukraine with some advanced weapons. Sophisticated weapons are of course to help Ukrainian troops carry out attacks and resistance to Russian attacks.

In its report, Germany will supply Ukraine with the latest anti-aircraft missiles. The anti-aircraft missile is powered by a highly sophisticated radar system. Meanwhile, the US promised to send four medium-range rocket systems as well as ammunition that is no less sophisticated.

However, with regard to the aid of this weapon, of course, it made Russia angry and reminded them of their threat again. Even in this case, the Kremlin also said and accused the US of "pouring fuel into the fire". This is likely to happen because Western weapons sent to Ukraine, of course, will help Kyiv to fight against the Russian military.

So automatically this will also thwart Russia's efforts to succeed in the mission called "military operation". Not only that, it is also known that the new weapons sent to Ukraine are also capable of defending their line of defense.

Even at the same time it can strike back at Russian artillery that has destroyed a city or small area in Ukraine. In this regard, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the US was deliberately sending the aid to escalate the conflict. "We believe that the US deliberately and diligently poured fuel on the fire," Peskov said.

Not only that, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also said that the act of sending weapons to Ukraine was a direct provocation. Which is meant to draw the West into the battle and risk a wider war. "Sane Western politicians understand that risk well," he said

It is also known that previously, the Russian side had repeatedly warned of the risk of World War III. Which is likely to happen, if Russia continues to supply heavy weapons and also intervenes directly in the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

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