After the South China Sea, China Also Increases Military Exercises at the Taiwan Border

After the South China Sea, China Also Increases Military Exercises at the Taiwan Border

International Military - It is reported today that Chinese troops are increasing their military exercises around Taiwan and the South China Sea. It is known that the South China Sea area is still experiencing ownership conflicts with several countries.

China has unilaterally recognized that the South China Sea is their territory. So this action certainly causes anger and irritation from Indonesia, the Philippines, and other neighboring countries. As for Taiwan, it is also known that China says that this country is a rebellious province. So in a previously stated promise, China will reclaim the territory even if it has to be done by force.

Quoted from Benar News, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has intensified their activities around Taiwan and the South China Sea. Which this was done with the intention of acting as a concrete response to the commitment of the United States (US) for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Not only that, it is also known that this action is an action shown by China after Biden said he would be ready to provide support to Taipei. It was reported that the PLA Eastern Theater Command had indeed recently carried out multi-force patrols in Taiwan's airspace and waters.

In this regard, a military spokesman also said that this was the third large-scale exercise around Taiwan in the past 30 days. The spokesman for the Eastern Tater Command, Senior Colonel Shi Yi, has also said that this is a response to the US statement. "This action is a necessary response to collusive activities between the United States and 'Taiwan independence' forces," he said.

Shi also added that the United States had too often taken various kinds of moves on what Taiwan was questioning recently. So he warned the US that by giving courage and supporting Taiwan, Washington would put Taipei in a dangerous position.

It was also reported that at the end of last week, two US aircraft carriers were reported to have conducted exercises in the waters southeast of Okinawa. In this case, China's analysis suggests that the area could later become a major maritime battlefield. Moreover, if the United States conducts military intervention which is likely to occur in the Taiwan Strait.

It should also be pointed out that the United States has indeed ensured that Taiwan does not fight alone. This has also been conveyed by the United States Delegation, Tammy Duckworth to the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen. It is also known that there will be a cooperation plan between the US National Guard and the Taiwanese armed forces which is currently still in the works.

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