Powered by a 6000 Horsepower Diesel Engine, Japanese Taigei Class Submarines Are Now Able To Attack Enemy Bases

Powered by a 6000 Horsepower Diesel Engine, Japanese Taigei Class Submarines Are Now Able To Attack Enemy Bases
Japanese Taigei Class Submarines Are Now Able To Attack Enemy Bases

International Military - Japan is reported to have added a military fleet to its country's Navy. Recently, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) commissioned the first Taigei-class diesel-powered attack submarine (SSK). For the first time, Taigei-class submarines will be equipped with the capability to attack enemy bases.

The submarine, named JS Taigei (SS513), was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and will operate from Yokosuka Naval Base and serve the 4th Escort Division of Escort Flotilla 2. With a crew of 70, the JS Taigei submarine, which was built at a cost of US$690 million, 84 meters long and weighing 3,000 tons, will be equipped with weapons systems that will intimidate foes such as China and Russia, which have territorial disputes with Tokyo.

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Quoted from Defense Security Asia, the Taigei-class submarines will be powered by a 6,000 horsepower diesel engine. But at the same time it is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery instead of lead-acid to allow it to last longer and calmer at sea. With its technology, Japanese submarines are indeed recognized as one of the quietest submarines in the world, making it difficult for the enemy to track their position.

Unfortunately, due to policies that prohibit it from exporting weapons systems, Tokyo is unable to offer its ultra-silent submarines to the outside world. What's interesting about the JS Taigei submarine is that the Japanese Navy intends to equip it with the capability to carry out attacks on enemy bases.

Something that is expected following actions that are considered provocative by Chinese and Russian troops in the waters of the East China Sea Sea recently. With the ability to attack enemy bases, it will directly change the Japanese Navy from a defensive force as enshrined in the country's constitution to be able to carry out offensive actions.

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It will also raise the question of whether Japan will abandon the pacifist policies it has practiced since its defeat in World War II to one that is ready to carry out military strikes in an effort to defend its interests.

The aggressive attitude of the Chinese and North Korean militaries is the main reason behind Japan's move to abandon the country's pacifist policy and take steps to equip its armed forces with the capability to attack the enemy. He wanted to have the ability to attack his enemy's positions that threatened the security of the country of the Rising Sun itself.

For the JS Taigei submarine, Japan plans to equip it with UGM-84L Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles capable of firing at land assets or enemy ships as far as 248 km. There are also reports saying that Japan could equip its newest submarine with Tomahawk cruise missiles, which is sure to further warm the situation between Japan and China and Russia.

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Apart from missiles, Japan's newest submarine will also be equipped with the latest Japanese-developed torpedoes known as the Type 18. For starters, equip the submarines with Harpoon missiles, but in the years to come when Japan has abandoned its pacifist policy, it is likely to equip it with more powerful and distant assault weapons.

In total, Tokyo will build six Taigei-class submarines with a second submarine of the same class, Hakugei expected to enter service next year. Quoted from Naval News, Taigei means Great Whale in Japanese and was once used as the name for a submarine tender for the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Taigei was officially launched on October 14, 2020, and started operations 17 months later. The Taigei's outward appearance is not much different from the Sōry class, but inside it is a completely different submarine.

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First, the Taigei uses a lithium-ion battery instead of the 4V-275R Mk. The AIP III system, which was installed on the first 10 Sōry-class submarines.

Second, the sonar capability and combat command system have been improved, as well as the use of new acoustic-absorbing materials and a floating floor structure to make it quieter.

Taigei Class Submarines are also equipped with Torpedo Counter Measures (TCM), which issue decoys to evade enemy torpedoes for increased survivability.

The submarine is scheduled to be commissioned into the JMSDF in March 2022, after which it will be used as a test submarine, according to the “National Defense Program Guidelines for FY 2019 and beyond” published in December 2018. In other words, the Taigei will be a dedicated vessel for perform all future technology testing on JMSDF submarines.

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