Not the J-20 Mighty Dragon, China's Most-Selling J-7 Fighter Jet in The World And Engineered From the MiG-21

Not the J-20 Mighty Dragon, China's Most-Selling J-7 Fighter Jet in The World And Engineered From the MiG-21
J-20 Fifth Generation Air Superiority Fighters

International Military - China is increasingly independent in terms of defense, especially when it comes to technology. This can be seen from the country's ability to build a 5th generation fighter jet, the J-20 Mighty Dragon. Not only that, the J-20 Mighty Dragon is often juxtaposed with leading fighter jets, such as the F-35.

This is because there are not many 5th generation fighter jets that are actually operational in the world. The 5th generation fighter jets that already exist are the F-35 Lighting II, F-22 Raptor, J-20 Mighty Dragon, and Su-57. Reporting from, the 5th generation fighter combines a low-observable design with advanced data fusion avionics to offer incredible new capabilities.

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To qualify for this elite warrior fraternity, a jet must meet these (generally accepted) criteria:

  • Stealth technology
  • High degree of maneuverability
  • Advanced avionics system
  • Multi-role capability
  • Networking or data fusion capabilities

This makes the technology industry in China then be questioned, how effective are the jets made in the world? The J-20 entered service in 2017 and has seen considerable production since. There are already more than 150 airframes now in service.

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However, China has struggled to field its 5th generation engine, the WS-15. Instead, it equips its fleet with Russian-sourced 4th generation AL-31 engines or domestic equivalent engines upgraded in the WS-10.

The early J-20s did not include thrust vector control, but newer iterations have added the capability in an attempt to close with the American F-22 Raptor. It is known, at this time the J-20 Mighty Dragon may not have been exported.

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However, there are plenty of other Chinese jets touring internationally. As is known, China has the J-7 fighter jet, with an export version called the F-7. According to the Eurasian Times, China's Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) designs and manufactures the J-7 single-engine light fighter.

The J-7 or F-7 was designed primarily to serve the needs of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). In March 1961, Russia and China reached an agreement to transfer MiG-21 technology. However, due to deteriorating relations between Beijing and Moscow at the time, technical documentation was not sent to the Shenyang Aircraft Factory.

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Eventually, the company was able to manufacture its own engineered version of the MiG-21. The Chinese-made MiG-21 was first known as the Type 62 when it was developed in March 1964. It was later renamed the J-7 (Jian-7).

The airframe of the J-7 was evaluated in November 1965, and the aircraft made its maiden flight in January 1966. The Chinese military approved the J-7 as an operational aircraft in June 1967. The J-7 was developed into more than a dozen variations over the course of 48 years of production.

In 2013, the company halted production after delivering the remaining 16 F-7BGIs to Bangladesh. According to some estimates, more than 2,400 aircraft models have been produced.

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