Mexico President Condemns Western Countries For Supplying Weapons To Ukraine

Mexico President Condemns Western Countries For Supplying Weapons To Ukraine
Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

International Military - Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized Western countries for continuing to supply weapons to Ukraine for the war against Russia. According to him, such an act is immoral. He said a wave of foreign arms shipments would only result in more bloodshed.

He refused to side with any country at war. However, he said those sending weapons to Kiev, a policy favored by the United States and most of its NATO allies help collect casualties on all sides.

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“How easy it is to say: 'There I send so much money for guns, I provide guns and you provide the dead'. It's immoral," he said. "Can't the war in Ukraine be avoided? Of course. The policy failed and look at the damage it does, the loss of human life," he said, as quoted by Russia Today, Thursday (16/6/2022).

President Obrador did not specify how hostilities could have been avoided, but went on to say; "The same policy can no longer be continued." He claims such war policies are driven by the elite and not by the people.

Although Mexico has stated that it does not support a Russian attack on its neighbour, it has refused to join Western sanctions targeting the Russian economy and has refrained from transferring arms to the government in Kiev.

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Meanwhile, NATO continues its efforts to arm Ukraine, with the alliance's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg saying this week that Kiev should receive additional heavy weapons.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who hosted a meeting between Stoltenberg and six other NATO members on Tuesday, supported the stance. "It is very important for Russia to lose the war and that the US-led military bloc must unite behind Ukraine," he said.

Since we cannot have a direct confrontation between NATO and Russian forces, what we need to do is make sure that Ukraine can fight that war, that it has access to all the weaponry it needs, Rutte added.

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