Joe Biden Says US Will Not Send MLRS And HIMARS Long Range Rockets To Ukraine

Joe Biden Says US Will Not Send MLRS And HIMARS Long Range Rockets To Ukraine
President Joe Biden said the US would not send long-range rocket systems to Ukraine

International Military - Some time ago, there was news that the United States (US) would send a long-range rocket system to Ukraine. The delivery of these long-range rockets is intended to help Ukraine counterattack Russia. In fact, in a report said that the Joe Biden administration had prepared everything needed for the delivery.

However, reported by Al Jazeera, Joe Biden said that the US will not send long-range rocket systems to Ukraine. "We're not going to send a rocket system to Ukraine that can reach Russia," Biden said at the White House.

Quoted from The Guardian, the weapon can reach about 185 miles. Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had urged the West to provide Kyiv with more weapons. The weapon in question is a weapon that can reach long distances.

Regarding Zelenzky's request, US officials said sending such weapons systems was still under consideration. Previously, the US had supplied and delivered thousands of Javelin anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles for use by Ukrainian forces. It is also known that the US has provided the assistance of advanced drones and field artillery that can be used by the Kyiv army.

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week gave a warning to Western countries. Lavrov said the war would only get worse if Western countries continued to supply Ukraine with powerful weapons.

Currently, the Donbas region is in the midst of intense fighting, which has resulted in the deaths of many people. Meanwhile, a senior US official said that his party was considering MLRS. But of course there's nothing available with that ranged attack capability.

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