Joe Biden Says He Doesn't Want To Remove Vladimir Putin From Russia

Joe Biden Says He Doesn't Want To Remove Vladimir Putin From Russia
US President Joe Biden (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R) meet during the US-Russia summit at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 June 2021.

International Military - The assistance of the United States (US) to Ukraine to fight against Russia is no longer in doubt. This also shows that the US is not happy with the actions taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last March, US President Joe Biden said that Putin could not remain in power after the invasion of Ukraine. "For God's sake, this guy can't stay in power," Biden said. But in the end, Biden's statement was clarified by the White House.

Biden told ABC that Putin should not remain in power. According to Biden, bad people should not continue to do bad things which will certainly have a bad impact in the future. But Biden's statement was clarified by White House officials. White House officials say Biden's point is not what other people think.

Biden's point is that Putin is not allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or territories that were not previously controlled. However, it became known recently that Biden said his government was not trying to oust Putin.

As quoted from the News Week page, Biden firmly stated that the US would not try to get rid of Putin. Even though it is known until now that Putin still holds full power in Moscow.

Biden also said that NATO was not looking for trouble with Russia, although he strongly disagreed with the country's move to invade Ukraine. So in this case, it is also concluded that the US will not try to oust Putin from Moscow.

On his occasion, Biden also said that the US and its allies would not be directly involved in the war. Especially if NATO does not get attacks from any country, including Russia. "We will not be directly involved in a conflict, either by sending American troops to fight in Ukraine or by attacking Russian troops," Biden continued.

Biden also added that his side would not prolong the war if it only aimed to inflict pain in Russia.


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