Indian Military Targeted, Claims Victory for Chinese J-20 Is Part of Propaganda

Indian Military Targeted, Claims Victory for Chinese J-20 Is Part of Propaganda
Claims Victory for Chinese J-20 Is Part of Propaganda

InternationalMilitary - China's stealth fighter jet, the J-20, has always been in the spotlight. The PLAAF's J-20 reportedly downed 17 enemy planes while dodging retaliatory fire during a mock confrontation in 2020. Citing information from the PLA Daily, the claim appears to be part of Beijing's propaganda and psy-ops targeting the Indian military.

It was around the time that New Delhi was receiving new fighters amid rising border tensions with China in eastern Ladakh. In response, the PLAAF appears to have sent at least two J-20s to western China, near the disputed border.

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In September 2020, David Ax, an American military correspondent, punctured China's claims by saying, "when a new fighter type is pitted against an older fighter type in training, the 17-to-zero hit rate is really unusual too."

Nonetheless, there are valid reasons not to believe the statements made by the Chinese media. "For one thing, it's hard to see how a single J-20 could shoot down 17 simulated attackers given the J-20's maximum conventional weapon load is just eight missiles and the J-20 has no spare weapons."

It seems that China is playing the role of Shakuni at this point, knowing that India has just purchased 36 Rafale planes from France. Pakistan, which has long been at loggerheads with India, for the reason for India's purchase of the Rafale, Pakistan also bought 25 J-10 fighter jets from China.

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Quoted from Defense Security Asia, according to Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, Pakistan's acquisition of 25 J-10 aircraft from China is the country's attempt to compete with 36 French-made Rafale two-engine aircraft acquired by its main rival.

That's not enough, besides the J-10, China is also arming Pakistan with other defense equipment. As quoted by the Eurasian Times, China to Arm Pakistan Navy Z-9 Helicopters With Deadly Anti-Ship Missiles To 'Target Indian Navy Warships'.

China has reportedly sold Pakistan the CM-501GA anti-ship missile. The Z-9 helicopters used by the Pakistan Navy will carry these missiles and will be deployed on the 054 A/P frigates.

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