Had Sent Old Weapons to Ukraine, Germany Replaced with DM22 Anti-tank Mines

Had Sent Old Weapons to Ukraine, Germany Replaced with DM22 Anti-tank Mines
Germany DM22 Anti-tank Mines

International Military - Germany was one of the countries that was initially reluctant to help Ukraine by sending weapons. This was triggered by their fears that this arms aid effort would anger Russia.

After being "rebuked" by the US and pressured by Ukraine, Germany finally followed Uncle Sam's steps by sending a package of weapons assistance. But the problems did not stop there, quoted from Bulgarian Military who reported that this arms aid package from Germany was not in Ukraine's favor.

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Ukraine says that German weapons systems are not accompanied by ammunition and are obsolete. Saying that the Germans only intend to empty the "leftover" weapons from their arsenal, even these weapons is not really what Ukraine wants.

Still from the Bulgarian Military, Germany once sent artillery without its 35mm ammunition, so Ukraine was forced to look for it all over the world. However, it's not Germany whose name was known as a powerful country in the past, this European country has also sent a capable weapon system to Ukraine.

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While the bazooka anti-tank system known as the Javelin was the star of the Ukrainian forces taking out Russian tanks, the DM22 has come to the fore in recent times. The DM22 or Panzerabwehrrichtmine mine was developed in the late 1980s and entered service in the late 1990s. dab is an off-route mine, which operates with a 40-meter-long fiber-optic trigger cable, quotes The Armourers Bench.

If there is contact or contact with these wires (such as a vehicle), the mine will activate and fire projectiles, although the DM22 can also be activated remotely with a detonator. The DM22 will release projectiles with a fin-stabilized, high-explosive, anti-tank (HEAT) warhead that can hit targets up to 100 meters away.

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According to The War Zone, the DM22 can penetrate armor after 100mm and is programmed to remain active for even 30 days. Still from The War Zone, the optical cable can be replaced with a passive infrared sensor that extends the trigger range to 60 meters. It was reported on May 17 that Germany had delivered 1,600 off-route DM22 anti-tank mines, although it is unclear whether deliveries will continue in the future.

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