Dubbed the Flying Tanks, Bulgaria and Georgia Send Su-25 Fighter Planes To Ukraine

Dubbed the Flying Tanks, Bulgaria and Georgia Send Su-25 Fighter Planes To Ukraine
A Russian Air Force Su-25

International Military - The battle between Russia and Ukraine does not seem to have come to an end. It did not take long since the start of the war at the end of February, Ukraine has received tons of military equipment from various countries. There are two Western countries that routinely provide military assistance to Ukraine, namely the United States (US) and Britain.

Since last April, Ukraine's request for a military aid package has become increasingly complex. Ranging from light weapons such as anti-tank missiles such as the Javelin or Stinger portable bazooka to heavy weapons, such as fighter jets, tanks, and artillery.

According to Defense View, Ukraine has received 14 Su-25 fighter jets and 14 helicopter gunships consisting of 8 Mi-24V and 6 Mi-35 units from Eastern European countries.

Su-25 for Ukrainian troops

The United States agreed to increase the Ukrainian air fleet with Soviet-era fighter jets, namely the Su-25. Quoted from Defense View, the number of Su-25s in Ukraine before the war was only 10 units. And that number grew thanks to US assistance asking Bulgaria or Georgia to supply the fighter planes.

On April 19, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Ukraine had received "spare parts" from partner countries. The spare parts are believed to increase the number of fighters in Ukraine that will be put into service. And in just two days, or on April 21, Defense View reported that the spare parts managed to increase the number of Ukrainian Su-25s to 20 units.

This support from Western allies has boosted Ukraine's air capabilities and its military in general. Such as the attacks on the town of Bucha in Kyiv Oblast and elsewhere.

Dubbed the Su-25 . flying tank

The Su-25 is considered a fighter with strong offensive capabilities, that is, with its power to shoot bombs into the opponent's "heart". Which in the end is a crushing attack that can repulse the enemy's resistance.

dubbed as a flying tank, the Su-25 is designed to be able to attack an armored vehicle or MBT (Main Battle Tank). Prioritizing defensive performance, the Su-25 is a competitor to the US-made A10 which is dubbed the flying tank.

Designed not to look "charming", the visible impression of the Su-25 is vile and scary, which befits the Soviet image. The body of the Su-25 is like most airplanes, made of aluminum but there is something special here.

Besides being covered in aluminum, the Su-25 fighter aircraft is also coated with special steel so that it has a higher resistance. Even under attack, as long as key components are not lost (engine, wings and other things), the Su-25 can safely land.

And to increase the level of pilot safety, the Soviet Union added bulletproof plates to the cockpit, as well as bulletproof glass. So that the pilot is protected from machine gun attacks and even artillery shells.

From the design it carries, the Su-25 is not meant for fast attacks, two can only fly at low speeds. Its R195 engine can only carry the Su-25 at Mach 0.85 speed, its thrust can reach more than 45 kN. To reduce damage from an attack, engineers added two bulletproof armor plates between the two machines.

Like a tank, the Su-25 is designed to carry a full range of weapons. This fighter can carry four types of pods to fulfill different missions. These pods are used to place ammunition or missiles with different compositions and strengths.

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