Amid Tensions with the US, Taiwan, and Japan, China Conducts Anti-Ballistic Missile Tests

Amid Tensions with the US, Taiwan, and Japan, China Conducts Anti-Ballistic Missile Tests
Amid Tensions with the US, Taiwan, and Japan, China Conducts Anti-Ballistic Missile Tests

International Military - Amid tensions with the United States, it is known that China is currently testing its anti-ballistic missiles. It is even known that this anti-ballistic missile test has been declared successful after being carried out on Sunday, June 19, 2022.

Quoted from the global times, China's success in conducting anti-ballistic missile tests is certainly good news. Moreover, it is known that this will be very important for the development of national defense for Beijing itself.

Not only that, this also shows the reliability of China in the midst of the United States' efforts which are said to be blackmailing China. This is because the United States has armed intercontinental ballistic missiles. In addition, it was also reported that the United States had deployed medium-range ballistic missiles in the Asia Pacific region on the Chinese border.

This test has also been directly conveyed by the Chinese Ministry of Defense. This notification was announced via an official press release on Sunday evening, and states that the trial has been successful.

It is known, China has carried out this technical test in the middle of the land route at the border. In the press release, it also said that the test was defensive in nature and was not shown to other countries.

Quoted from ctv news, this test was also carried out when China was increasing its threat to the island of Taiwan. What Taiwan knows is that they already have their own government. As for China, this is not true and assumes that Taiwan is a rebellious province.

In addition, this conflict between China and Taiwan will most likely also bring the United States. In addition, it is also known that at this time, China is also involved with several countries related to territorial disputes.

As with the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia regarding the South China Sea. Not only that, China is also seen as having supported Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. Although it is not known to have provided material support, this conflict also carries the name of China. This can also be the reason why China is aggressively carrying out these anti-ballistic missile tests.

It should also be noted that for an intercontinental ballistic missile flight, it will usually require three stages. The first stage is the boost phase for the rocket to propel the missile. The next stage is a journey where the booster stops as the missile moves out of the atmosphere.

As for the final stage, it is the re-entry phase of the terminal and the missile enters the atmosphere and dives towards its target. According to experts, intercepting an intercontinental ballistic missile during its journey will be very challenging. This happens because usually, missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads.

So this missile will move high outside the atmosphere at a very sharp speed. As for antiballistic missiles, usually only consist of two stages. The first stage is for the booster and interceptor as the warhead.

As for the last stage is the flight in which it travels outside the atmosphere. But even though it only consists of two stages, there are challenges of this antiballistic missile.

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