3 Weapons Known to be Effective for Ukraine in Fighting Russia

3 Weapons Known to be Effective for Ukraine in Fighting Russia
3 Weapons Known to be Effective for Ukraine in Fighting Russia

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine so far has not found a bright spot. It is even known that this conflict has invited various countries to provide support to sanctions. In addition, to date, Ukraine has also received a lot of support and assistance from Western countries.

One of these aids, known to be from the United States, which promised to continue supplying weapons to Kyiv. It was previously mentioned that Ukraine has also managed to get some of their territory back.

So the victory in getting some territory back is certainly giving some light to the Ukrainian troops. Besides being known to have an unyielding fighting force, Ukraine has also been supported by Western weapons. It is even known that some of these aid weapons have made Ukrainian troops counterattack with the desired result.

Quoted from 19 forty five, it is stated that many countries have sent weapons worth billions to Ukraine. Not only that, this media also reports that there will be several weapons that are quite effective for Ukraine in fighting against Moscow. Even the aid of this weapon, is also said to be a boost for Ukraine to achieve the desired mission.

Some of the weapons that are called effective are:

1. Howitzer M777 Artelery

The weapon, dubbed the triple 7, is known to have used a digital fire control system. The function of what is embedded in this weapon is for navigation, direction, and independent location.

With its fire control system, it will be possible for the gun crew to hit targets up to 25 miles away with specific ammunition. For specifications, this Howitzer 777 weighs almost 8,500 pounds and is 32 feet long.

Quoted from armi-gov-au, this M777 will provide direct support for fighting opponents. In this case it will use offensive and defensive fire with conventional and precision-guided projectiles. In addition, this M777 can provide an accurate and timely response, even in different conditions and weather. Previously, the United States military had promised to send more than 100 of these M777 Howitzers to Ukraine.

2. FGM-14 Javelin anti-tank missile

This anti-tank weapon does have extraordinary advantages, so it can be used by Ukrainian troops. It is known that the FGM-148 has a missile that can be reused after being fired. This Javelin is divided into two, where one part is for the launch tube, while the other is for the command launch unit.

With this command launch unit, it can provide fire control and optical sights both during the day and at night. However, it is necessary to know that this tank is priced at a price that is not cheap.

This happened to get this tank had to pay up to two hundred thousand dollars per anti-tank gun. But it would be only natural if offered at a high price, because it has extraordinary advantages.

It is known that this FGM-148 will strike a target from a high angle of attack, aiming at the top of the vehicle. In addition, it is known that the nose has an infrared guidance system. So it will be very helpful for the operator to fire the weapon and then move to avoid counter fire from the opponent.

3. Drone Bayraktar TB2

The last weapon Ukraine should have is the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2. This weapon is an effective system that Ukraine can use to counter Russian attacks. Its mid-range and long-range unmanned aerial systems will be intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the same time.

The aircraft can be piloted remotely, and can carry up to 1650 kg of war ammunition. As for the main armament, this drone consists of MAM-C or MAM-L air-to-ground missiles. The MAM-C has a 14 pound warhead and has a multipurpose warhead.

Not only that, with its high explosive and armor-piercing capabilities, making it ideal for personnel targets. For the MAM-L, it has a 48 pound warhead and is designed for tougher targets.

Those are the three weapons that are said to have extraordinary power and must be owned by Ukraine in the battle with Moscow.

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