Zhu Hai Yun, The World's First Unmanned Aircraft Carrier Made In China

Zhu Hai Yun, The World's First Unmanned Aircraft Carrier Made In China
Aircraft Carrier Zhu Hai Yun Made In China

International Military - China as one of the countries that should not be underestimated, has built their own unmanned aircraft carrier. Named Zhu Hai Yun, it is the world's first artificial intelligence or AI aircraft carrier. Launched last Wednesday, May 13, Zona Jakarta quoted the South China Morning Post.

The unmanned aircraft carrier Zhu Hai Yun was built by Guangzhou from Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard since 2011. It is a subsidiary of China's largest shipbuilding company, China State Shipbuilding Corporation. It is expected to complete sea trials by the end of this year so that it can be delivered to the country for timely operation. At the end of 2022 after completing sea trials

A new breakthrough for marine technology. Unmanned ships with artificial intelligence are a new species for marine technology that will bring about revolutionary changes.

Throughout this decade, news emerged as unmanned vehicles began to be developed in many countries. Call it cars, drones, even robots. This autonomous/unmanned capability aims to provide safer, cheaper and easier operations, Zona Jakarta cites Interesting Engineering.

Was Zhu Hai Yun's ship capable of all that? This needs to be proven by conducting trials before this technology is used worldwide. With this new ship, China hopes that artificial intelligence and unmanned systems can enhance its maritime capabilities. With lower costs and higher efficiency than manned platform operations.

The unmanned ship Zhu Hai Yun will be used for marine scientific research and observation. The ship is 290 feet long, 46 feet wide, and 20 feet deep (88.5 meters long, 14 meters wide, and 6.1 meters deep). With a weight of 2,000 tons, the Zhu Hai Yun can travel at a speed of 13 knots to a maximum speed of 18 knots, reports Interesting Engineering.

The unmanned aircraft carrier Zhu Hai Yun can carry dozens of unmanned vehicles, including drones, unmanned vessels, to submarines, quoted Interesting Engineering, and this ship is natively made locally, with power systems, propulsion systems, intelligence systems, and operating support systems. The surveys were all developed by in China.

This ship is believed to inspire other countries to build ships with their own artificial intelligence. But for now, Zhu Hai Yun is the first in the world, can it be deployed for military purposes?

Citing Interesting Engineering, with a number of modern technologies, this ship can be deployed in war, considering that China is one of the countries with military strength.

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