The Zhu Hai Yun Ship, China's Advanced Unmanned Ship That Is Claimed Just For Observation

The Zhu Hai Yun Ship, China's Advanced Unmanned Ship That Is Claimed Just For Observation
China launches world’s AI-powered first seaborne drone carrier

International Military - China has just launched an unmanned ship named Zhu Hai Yun on Wednesday (21/5) which is capable of carrying dozens of drones and small boats. The ship is 88 meters long and 14 meters wide.

Launching NDTV, the ship Zhu Hai Yun runs with automatic control that can be operated by remote control. China itself claims the ship is intended for sea observation and research.

In conducting his research, this ship is equipped with a system called The Intelligent Mobile Ocean Stereo Observing System (IMOSOS) developed by the Laboratorion Southern Marine Science and Engineering Sun Yat-sen University.

In terms of speed, Zhu Hai Yun is capable of wading through the ocean at a speed of 18 knots. It can also carry dozens of drones or other unmanned marine vehicles such as small submarines.

In the video published by the South China Morning Post, the Zhu Hai Yun ship has a red color on the bottom, with a predominance of dark blue on the hull.

"This early and clever ship is a beautiful new species that will revolutionize ocean observation," said Professor Dake Chen of the Chinese Academy of Science's School of Oceanography.

The Zhu Hai Yun ship was built at Huangpu Wenchong Shipping Co since July. In addition to observation purposes, Zhu Hai Yun is also alleged to have military capabilities. On the other hand, China is currently arguing with the United States (US) over Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stressed that his party is ready to continue to defend China's national interests in Taiwan.

"No one should underestimate the strong determination, steadfast will and strong ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said.

"When it comes to issues related to sovereignty and territorial integrity, China has no room for compromise and concessions," Wenbin added. Previously, US President Joe Biden vowed his country would intervene if China dared to invade Taiwan.

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