China-Taiwan Feud Continues To Escalate, Taiwan Talks About Adding Reserve Troops

China-Taiwan Feud Continues To Escalate, Taiwan Talks About Adding Reserve Troops
Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, center, visits with Taiwanese soldiers. (Tyrone Siu / Reuters)

International Military - Taiwan is reportedly trying to increase the number of their military reserves. Taiwan is rumored to be carrying out two military reserve recruitments which will be devoted to next year.

Reporting from Focus Taiwan, Taiwan recruits military reserves to increase the country's power. Considering that Taiwan is currently getting a military threat from China which is increasing day by day. Taiwanese lawmakers have said that they are planning to recruit around 100 fighters by 2023.

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) used the term "weekend warrior" in this recruitment. It can also be described as a reserve that participates in a short-term volunteer service program. They will later get training at military bases on weekends or holidays.

Not only that, it was also said that BMD plans to establish a new training camp, reserve brigade, and also a training center in the coming year. This will help them to increase their backup training capacity. Especially in the midst of increasing pressure from China.

Quoted from The Defense Post page, China has indeed several times claimed that Taiwan is part of its territory. In addition, Beijing also said that Taiwan is an island that broke away from Chinese territory. As a result of constant pressure and threats, finally a plan emerged from Taiwan to increase their military recruitment.

Although it is known that Taiwan is only able to train 120,000 reservists annually, it is rumored that this has not hindered them. In fact they will also seek to increase the annual training capacity to 260,000 reserves.

In this project, it is known that it will cover a larger contingent and will be more in-depth regarding regular troop training. Previously, the "Weekend Warriors" project had been started since 2017.

This is done to recruit military retirees who are still considered to have high abilities, skills, and combat skills.

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