The Newest Nuclear Weapon, The Ability Of The B-52 Bomber Aircraft Finally Revealed By Foreign Media

The Newest Nuclear Weapon, The Ability Of The B-52 Bomber Aircraft Finally Revealed By Foreign Media
U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress dropping bombs during a training exercise

International Military - The B-52 is a bomber aircraft that currently still exists in the US Air Force. With the existence of the B-52, this bomber aircraft has been criss-crossed in many conflict areas. Quoted from, the B-52 bomber has been involved in several war operations. Starting from the cold war campaign, the Vietnam war, the Gulf War, and various operations in the Middle East, B-52 bombers have participated.

For this reason, it is clear that the B-52 bomber is dubbed as a cross-generational defense system which is quite legendary. And there is an issue of suspicion if the B-52 bomber is expected to serve until he is 100 years old. Plus, if there is the latest information showing that the B-52 bomber has a lethal side. Moreover, the deadly side of the B-52 bomber is known to have been covered up all this time

“The B-52 will become much more lethal with the addition of some futuristic weapons such as the nuclear-capable long range standoff missile which is currently under development,” wrote

From this explanation, the B-52 bomber will be able to use long-range missile weapons. Not only long-range capabilities, but the missile carried by the B-52 bomber also has a nuclear warhead. This will be if the B-52 bomber has the quality of the latest nuclear weapons which is quite scary.

In addition, the B-52 bomber aircraft also has a fairly expensive operational cost. Quoted from the page, the operational costs of the B-52 bomber reached USD 70,338 per flying hour. This means that the B-52 bomber has an hourly flight cost of up to Rp. 1 billion.

Although it seems expensive and the operational price is not populist, it is comparable to the quality of the B-52 bomber. It was informed that the B-52 bomber was a long-range strategic bomber.

From this long-range quality, the B-52 bomber has a subsonic speed. Although only subsonic, the B-52 bomber is capable of carrying up to 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg) of weapons. Ranging from heavy weapons to light weapons are on the B-52 bomber.

And what characterizes the B-52 bomber is the combat range of about 8,800 miles (14,080 km). From the range of the B-52 bomber, it was known that it was without aerial refueling. As a result of this ability, it has been proven in the Iraq war in bombing missions.

And until now the B-52 bomber is still operating even though it is very old. Although old, the B-52 bomber has undergone several renewal processes. From these updates, the B-52 bomber aircraft is still operating today. Especially if the B-52 bomber has also been highlighted about one of its missions.

Quoted from, in the patrol of the B-52 bomber aircraft, the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet was seen escorting it. With this incident, it is clear that the B-52 bomber has a major role in the area. Moreover, maintaining regional security stability using the B-52 bomber.

The B-52 that came to Indonesia itself came from the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, USA. From these achievements, it is clear that the B-52 bomber aircraft is of sufficient quality.

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