Show off, Russian Army Terminator BMPT Tank Goes Crazy in Ukraine

Show off, Russian Army Terminator BMPT Tank Goes Crazy in Ukraine
BMPT-72 Terminators moving toward Ukraine border (Twitter)

International Military - The BMPT Terminator in recent days has often been highlighted for its deployment. Especially the deployment of the BMPT Terminator to the Ukrainian field by Russia.

Quoted from, it can be seen that the BMPT Terminator has penetrated into the East Ukraine region. Not to mention there's a 'Z' symbol; in the Russian BMPT Terminator which indicates this ranpur is in combat operations. And what made the news about the BMPT Terminator excited was the quality of the technology.

It is explained in the information that the technology in the BMPT Terminator is more sophisticated than the previous Russian IFV ranpur. For that, there is a well-known Russian media that explains about the BMPT Terminator on duty in the Ukrainian field. "Now the Terminators are engaged in full military operations and have the opportunity to show their full potential," wrote

With this explanation, the BMPT Terminator is certain to show its capabilities. Especially about the potential and technology of the BMPT Terminator, which was previously claimed to be sophisticated. Because there is an explanation that the role of BMPT Terminator will later replace the role of BMP-1.

Not only BMP-1, but BMP-2 is also projected to be replaced by BMPT Terminator. For this reason, the deployment of the BMPT Terminator in the Russia-Ukraine war will be a means of proving it. And it could be that the BMPT Terminator is going crazy because it is equipped with advanced technology and modern quality. Especially the BMPT Terminator weapon system and system which is claimed to be superior in urban warfare.

It was previously informed that Russia's first batch of BMPT Terminators had been delivered in 2021. Launching, the delivery of the BMPT Terminators was to be exact on December 1, 2021. The delivery of the BMPT Terminator ranpurs has joined the 90th division in the Sverdlovsk region, Russia. Not only the Sverdlovsk region but the BMPT Terminator ranpur were also sent to the Chelyabinsk region.

It is known that the placement of the BMPT Terminator is close to Kazakhstan. The reason is that the previous delivery of the BMPT Terminator ranpur has undergone various stages of testing. And the BMPT Terminator trial phase has been completed in June 2021.

The Russian Division Commander, Colonel General Alexander Lapin, also said the same thing about the BMPT Terminator. "The vehicle's performance was very effective during trials, claiming its firepower is unmatched in its class," said Alexander Lapin. Therefore, for the quality and performance of the BMPT Terminator, there is no doubt about it.

Quoted from Twitter @mod_russia that in 2020 the BMPT Terminator has undergone a shooting test. Not only shooting trials, but the BMPT Terminator ranpur also underwent mobility in snowy fields. As a result, everything that was undertaken by the BMPT Terminator ranpur was finally successful and was successfully carried out.

Reporting from, the BMPT Terminator itself is a type of ranpur support combat vehicle. This means that the BMPT Terminator ranpur can be used to assist troop movement. Starting from supporting the movement of cavalry and infantry troops, the BMPT Terminator can be supported.

Because the main weapon of the BMPT Terminator ranpur itself is equipped with 2 30mm caliber 2A42 weapons. In addition to the 30mm caliber 2A42 weapon, the BMPT Terminator is equipped with the Ataka T ATGM. With the ATGM, the BMPT Terminator also has great hitting power. For this reason, the BMPT Terminator has a PKTM coaxial machine gun.

In addition, the BMPT Terminator ranpur has a speed of 60 km / h. As for the BMPT Terminator's cruising range, it can reach a cruising range of more than 600 km. From this speed, the BMPT Terminator is able to pass through trenches up to a width of 2.8 m. For the weight of the Ranpur BMPT Terminator has a weight of 47 tons. From this weight, the BMPT Terminator has a length of 7.2 meters. And a width of 3.5 meters makes the fighter's range an ideal fighter.

Not to mention the engine from the BMPT Terminator ranpur equipped with the V-92S2 type. The V-92S2 BMPT Terminator is apparently capable of producing 1,000 hp. In addition, the defense system at the BMPT Terminator ranpur is equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) modular.

ERA is not enough, but the BMPT Terminator ranpur is equipped with NBC protection. As a result, with some of these prowess, the BMPT Terminator ranpur is the greatest in its class. Moreover, there is information that it is alleged that the deployment of the BMPT Terminator to the Ukrainian conflict bears fruit.

Because it is claimed that the role of the BMPT Terminator is effective in supporting several combat operations. For that, let's just wait for the final results regarding the BMPT Terminator.

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