China Will Be Affected If Russia-Ukraine War Continues

China Will Be Affected If Russia-Ukraine War Continues
Vladimir Putin And Xi Jinping

International Military - China's dependence on Russia is not uncommon. Even today, almost half of the machines used by the Chinese military are imported directly from Russia. Therefore, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, of course, will have an impact on China.

China will find it difficult to get supplies of spare parts for planes, helicopters and others from Russia. Reporting from Defense Security Asia, the Chinese military is known to use 40% of spare parts from Russia. If Russia fails to supply spare parts, China will be a very big problem.

It should be noted that Russia has received a lot of sanctions from Western countries which have greatly hindered it from moving. According to experts, if the conflict with Ukraine continues, Russian manufacturing companies will focus more on their own needs. Russia will prioritize the supply of spare parts for its military.

If domestic supply is sufficient, Russia will only sell to foreign markets. Experts again say that the priority of Russian companies today is to support domestic military needs, not foreign countries.

On the other hand, it is important to note that China's defense industry has succeeded in producing locally made machines such as the WS-10. The WS-10 has been installed on the J-20 Mighty Dragon fighter. However, the quality of the machines made locally in China is not comparable to the machines produced by Russia and the West.

Despite having close ties to China, Russia seems to keep its latest technology in the field of aircraft engine manufacturing a secret. Beijing to date does not have the expertise to manufacture engines that can be used for military aircraft. So they more often rely on machines made in Russia and other Western countries for the advancement of future aircraft engines.

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