Not Only Ukraine and The US, Russia's Real Enemy Can't Be Fought With Weapons

Not Only Ukraine and The US, Russia's Real Enemy Can't Be Fought With Weapons
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MARCH 15: Thousands people marched against war in Ukraine in center of Moscow, March 15, 2014, Russia.

International Military - It has been almost three months since Russia sent troops to Ukraine, and until now there is no certainty when this war will end. It is very strange to hear, Russia is known as one of the most powerful countries and is not strong enough against its neighbor.

And there are several reasons underlying it, one of which is the role of news portals or social media. One of the greatest enemies of the Russian President, is international public opinion which is so real, that Russia cannot be careless, citing aerosociety.

The world is currently focused on the conflict in Ukraine, and we can see their side. The major media are dominated by the West, so Russia does not have the stage to create or even control the narrative that is spreading.

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And in the end we can see now how many are in favor of both the West and Ukraine and how many are standing beside Russia.

Russia against global media

Disinformation and fake accounts are now being used to silence Russia, one of the wildest things about information is that we can actually see in real time what is happening in Ukraine. Information is power, perhaps this sentence best describes the current state of Russia. And Putin realized that, in March he banned Facebook and shut down Twitter in his country.

The Russian president passed a new law declaring journalism a criminal offense. His intent was for any journalism found to be publishing fake news about the war in Ukraine, and would be sentenced to 15 years in prison, reports The Guardian.

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The Guardian believes that this step is a sign that Vladimir Putin is losing the information war. While the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky who not only leads his armed forces, he is also trending on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Putin can't be careless during this war, but Zelensky can easily create an Insta-Story to ask the world for help. Because one of the most remarkable aspects by far is that everyone who owns a smartphone can play a part in the Ukrainian resistance.

Each tank can be recorded, the number of trucks and army movements can be tracked and published to social media even in real-time.

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