Blocked By The Donets Siverskyi River, A Russian Battalion Has Been Leveled By Ukraine

Blocked By The Donets Siverskyi River, A Russian Battalion Has Been Leveled By Ukraine
72 Russian armored vehicles destroyed and abandoned on the Donets Siverskyi River /Defence View

International Military - As has been discussed in many articles that say some of the things that overwhelmed Russian troops in Ukraine. One of them is territory, in fact geographical location must always be considered in any war. By considering the terrain to be traversed, troops can prepare equipment, number of personnel and so on so that they are there.

On this occasion, the article will discuss the Russian troops who were harmed by the existence of the Donets Siverskyi River. In that incident, a total of 72 armored vehicles were destroyed and abandoned, the Jakarta Zone quoted Defense View as saying. At the time of the incident, Ukrainian troops managed to destroy the pontoon bridge so that the Russian soldiers there were trapped.

The pontoon bridge itself is an artificial bridge commonly used by the military to send heavy vehicles from one land to another.

The Donets Siverskyi River itself runs from southern Russia to eastern Ukraine and then back to Russia. And keep in mind, the river is only one of many water obstacles that the Russian battalion must pass to advance into Ukrainian territory.

According to Defense View, the Russian battalion stuck at Donets Siverskyi is expected to head for Lyman, a city of 20,000 inhabitants 17 miles to the west.

Russian losses

Calculation of the losses suffered by Russia in the incident, it is estimated that one battalion has been defeated. A total of 73 Russian armored vehicles were destroyed and abandoned including heavy and light tanks and other vehicles.

Who is responsible? It was the troops of the 17th Tank Brigade of the Ukrainian army looking at the bridge, possibly using one of the many small drones that serve as soldiers' eyes on the battlefield. The 17th Army is one of the four active tank brigades of the Ukrainian Army.

The troops were tasked with T-64 tanks and other amphibious combat vehicles, but it is likely the 2S1 122mm howitzer that started the fire on the Russian pontoon bridge. In addition to the bridge, the Ukrainian attack also managed to knock out at least seven T-72 and T-80 tanks, 17 light tanks and 7 MT-LB armored tractors and other logistics.

It is not clear how many Russian soldiers were killed or injured, but it is certain that no battalion lost up to three-quarters of its vehicles and survived. Due to this incident, Ukraine managed to get rid of one of the 99 Russian battalion tactical groups since this battle began.

After the attack, Russian troops tried to hold on to the opposite side of the river and then retreated from the city of Kharkiv, further north, Defense View reports. As a mediator, crossing rivers on the battlefield is always dangerous, Ukraine may be able to claim victory this time.

But their winning percentage increased due to the presence of the Donets Siverskyi River there.

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