Has 2 Million Active Military Soldiers, China Claims the Country with the Largest Army in the World

Has 2 Million Active Military Soldiers, China Claims the Country with the Largest Army in the World
China has the world’s largest military by active personnel. Photo: STR/AFP

International Military - The times have made China change drastically, including in the military field. China continues to strive to have a fighting power that can exceed the US. Given that the US is still the most formidable fighting force in the world.

The Bulgarian Military report shows that China's military power is said to still be unable to match the US. China's military power is said to still need 20 years to be equal to the US, aka 2 decades behind the US. "Of course, he immediately made it clear that no Chinese weapons are directly comparable to American weapons, and that is unlikely to change in another twenty years." clearly the Bulgarian Military.

Talking about China's military power, Beijing is one of the countries that has succeeded in developing fifth-generation stealth. China seemed to answer the success of the US in creating the F-22 and F-35 by presenting the J-20.

The Chinese defense industry has succeeded in working on the fifth-generation J-20 fighter that has stealth capabilities. The existence of the J-20 is allegedly to be able to compete with the US F-22 and F-35. It is undeniable that China has a disharmonious relationship with the US.

The heated relationship between China and the US is more obvious when it comes to the Taiwan Islands. Until now, China still considers Taiwan to be part of mainland China. Although the US does not formally recognize Taiwan's sovereignty, what Washington is doing seems to be the opposite.

The US frequently supplies weapons to Taiwan. And it's as if the US is recognizing Taiwan's sovereignty informally. No wonder China hates the US so much, because Beijing insists that Taiwan is part of mainland China.

Last week, a US destroyer sailed through the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from mainland China. Evidence of US support for the Taiwan uprising, when the Pentagon announced a deal to sell Patriot anti-air missiles to Taiwan. Then a delegation of six US congressmen visited the island to meet senior Taiwan leaders.

The US claims China poses an increasing threat to Taiwan. “Taiwan's future lies in the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations and China's reunification,” China's ambassador to the US Qin Gang wrote in a March op-ed in the Washington Post.

The US itself is the country with the most capable military power in the world. For example in the field of the Navy, the backbone of US forces in the Navy, in this case the US Navy. The US Navy has 11 aircraft carriers where there are dozens of units of F-18 mixed F-35 fighter jets. Then there are Seahawk helicopters to transport Navy Seal special forces.

It's like when the US Navy wants to carry out an attack on a country, they just have to order its mother ship to hit the target. A fleet of US Navy aircraft carriers is enough to level a country in a short time. The comparison is like this, the combined forces of the Indonesian Navy can only match one US Navy fleet. Even though the US Navy has more than five combat-ready fleets in the world.

This terrible power deserves to be dubbed the World Class Navy, its first-class premium defense equipment. "Active duty forces in the United States are mainly made up of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The Army mainly has 7 bases, 10 combat divisions, 13 brigades, 3 armored cavalry regiments, 2 battalions, 12 air defense missile battalions. , and the 2 integrated divisions, which were combined in so many formations. , the army numbered about 500,000 people.

The navy consists of seven fleets with a strength of about 350,000 men. The Air Force, like the Navy, also has 350,000 people, mainly has 20 Wings, and one Wing has 74 fighters, its strength should not be underestimated," wrote 163.com, December 9, 2021 ago.

As if responding to the super-large US military power, the Chinese media also revealed their country's combat strength. China claims that its country has the largest active military personnel in the world. "At present, the total strength of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in active service in my country has reached 2 million, consisting of the army, navy, air force, rocket troops, strategic support forces and joint logistical support forces.

The Chinese army is the main representative. It can be said that the power is very strong. China is also the largest army in the world.

At present, my country has 13 mobile combat units of group soldiers, which are distributed in 5 major war zones, they are the main force of our country, with 15 divisional troops, 120 brigades," he said.

The source also explained that the PLA Navy now has the second largest naval force in the world, surpassing Russia. "Currently, the total displacement of the Chinese navy ranks second in the world and has a very large fleet.

The PLAAF also has a variety of sophisticated modern armed forces, such as fifth-generation aircraft, long-range bombers, long-range transport aircraft, attack aircraft and so on. Needless to say, Rocket Force is the fourth independent military service beside sea, land and air, Rocket Force supports all aspects of sea, land and air.

We will not introduce more detailed deployments, but we can know that the military power of the Chinese state is no worse than the United States," he explained. The report shared by 163.com explains how big and formidable China's military power is.

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