China Owns the Haixun 09 Ship with a Weighing of 10 Thousand Tons

China Owns the Haixun 09 Ship with a Weighing of 10 Thousand Tons
The Haixun 09 Ship China

International Military - The North Natuna Sea is still a disputed area between China and several ASEAN countries, including Indonesia. The dispute in the North Natuna Sea has also become a polemic between Indonesia and China.

Various international media also highlighted the tension between China and Indonesia in the North Natuna Sea. Because China boldly includes Indonesia's EEZ in the North Natuna Sea as part of Beijing's territory. The basis of China's claim in the North Natuna Sea is based on the Nine Dash Line. And in a map that is unilaterally recognized by the Chinese government, it shows that Indonesia's EEZ in the North Natuna Sea is included.

Therefore, tensions between Indonesia and China often occur in the North Natuna Sea. Obviously, China's claims in the North Natuna Sea were immediately rejected by Indonesia. And Indonesia, according to the report in 2020, confirmed that it would never recognize China's Nine Dash Line.

Indonesia also emphasized that in responding to tensions in the North Natuna Sea, it asked China to comply with UNCLOS. However, the Chinese side refused and emphasized that the Nine Dash Line claim in the North Natuna Sea was in accordance with UNCLOS.

“I want to emphasize that China's position and proposition are in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS. So whether the Indonesian side accepts it or not, nothing will change the objective fact that China has rights and interests over the waters in question (North Natuna).

The Chinese side firmly opposes any country, organization or individual using an illegitimate arbitration award to harm China's interests," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang in 2020 quoted from

Tensions between China and Indonesia in the North Natuna Sea have also attracted the attention of various international media, one of which is Al Jazeera. In 2019, according to a report by Al Jazeera, there had been very serious tensions between Indonesia and China in the North Natuna Sea.

The Indonesian side even sent warships to fighters like the F-16. Tensions in the North Natuna Sea at that time arose due to the Chinese coast guard encroaching on Indonesia's EEZ in the North Natuna Sea. “The incident refers to an international dispute over one of the most disputed areas in the world, because Indonesia and China claim control of the area in the South China Sea which lies on the border of Indonesia's 'Natuna' islands, as China considers that around 90% of the sea has an area of ​​3.5 million square kilometers of its own sea, citing historical usage records to support its claims, while Indonesia, located on the southern rim of the South China Sea considers that an area with an estimated 1.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves is its exclusive economic zone under the Convention. United Nations on the Law of the Sea.

In late 2019, the world almost witnessed a military conflict between Indonesia and China as a result of recent practices in the Pacific economic region, which Indonesia calls the 'North Natuna Sea' while Beijing considers it a traditional Chinese fishing area.

At the right time, Chinese coast guard forces began to penetrate the area, and Jakarta found no way but to send warships and F-16 fighters, and also invite Indonesian fishing vessels to move to the area, but tensions subsided quickly after China withdraws from the area, penetrates it," Al Jazeera wrote.

It is undeniable that China is one of the countries with a very capable military power. Various high-end defense equipment have been successfully developed by China. A class of capable coast guard ships have also been successfully built by China.

One of the coast guard ships that joined China last year was the Haixun 09. Another report also explained that China presented a coast guard with a weight of 10 thousand tons. "The 10,000-ton class coast guard ship "Hai Xun 09" is registered, destroying the surrounding countries, and colliding with law enforcement with more confidence," the Chinese media wrote, October 25, 2021.

"Yesterday, my country's first 10,000 tonne class coast guard ship Haixun 09 was officially dispatched to my country's maritime law enforcement department, marking that my country's largest tonnage, most advanced equipment, and smartest coast guard ship officially joined China's maritime." light

The Chinese coast guard ship Haixun 09 has extraordinary specs. “Haixun 09 is equipped with 4 diesel engines, the maximum speed can reach 25 knots, and self-sustaining sea power is about 90 days.

As a maritime police law enforcement vessel, it is equipped with intelligent blister system, helicopter takeoff and landing platform, optoelectronic tracking and forensic system, etc. and can also be equipped with suitable destructive weapons such as main weapon aperture if necessary.

In terms of the intelligence of the whole ship, it is equipped with an unmanned intelligent engine room system. operation of the entire ship equipment and ship operation, and can also carry out fault diagnosis independently, which improves the reliability of ship operation.

In addition, the ship also has an offshore data center and command room, with a giant LED screen that is 8 meters long and 4.55 meters wide. Real-time data transmission is carried out via satellite systems such as Beidou, and the network speed of the entire ship can reach more than 10 megabits," he explained.

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