China Is Confused By Russia, Does Not Take Part In The War Against Ukraine But Is Affected

China Is Confused By Russia, Does Not Take Part In The War Against Ukraine But Is Affected
Mr Xi (on the right in this 2019 photo) has memorably called Mr Putin his "best friend"

International Military - Russia is one of China's best friends in many ways. The close relationship between Russia and China has made the two countries often cooperate in various fields, including the military. Russia and China often hold joint exercises involving various elements, such as the Navy.

The report says that Russia and China have been carrying out naval military exercises for a long time. At least since 2012, the Russian and Chinese navies have been carrying out joint exercises. The exercise, which was carried out by the Russian and Chinese navies, was titled 'Joint Sea'.

“Since 2012, China and Russia have been holding a bilateral year naval exercise known as the 'Joint Sea' which provides a forum for the Russian and Chinese navies to engage in various joint activities.

The Joint Sea has become an effective vehicle for the Chinese and Russian militaries to enhance tactical and operational capabilities, conduct joint operations, and enhance interoperability.” explained, June 2021.

The series of naval exercises run by Russia and China have increased in complexity and interoperability in recent years. The Navy's first Joint Sea military exercise, held in the Yellow Sea in April 2012.

The Russian and Chinese military exercises consist of relatively sophisticated antisubmarine warfare (ASW) operations and evaluation of hijacked ships. In contrast, during the 2016 Joint Sea, the Chinese and Russian navies conducted exercises to seize and control islands and reefs for the first time.

In addition, the Joint Sea 2016 military exercise conducted by Russia and China was added to amphibious operations, air defense and ASW military exercises, and other search and exercise. The Russian and Chinese navies also used the unique command information system for the first time in 2016.

Then during Joint Sea 2019, they conducted live air defense drills, which involved launching surface-to-air missiles against cruise missile targets. This shows that Russia and China do have a very close relationship.

It is not surprising that Russia has often been the main importer of defense equipment such as fighter jets or fighter jet engines to China. China is arguably still not able to 'get out' completely from dependence on Russian-made fighter jet engines.

Therefore, until now China is still buying Russian-made fighter jet engines. Malaysian media report Defense Security Asia also discussed China's military ties to machines and parts made in Russia.

Until now, China is said to be close to Moscow with a lot of manufactured machines and spare parts. Given that Russia is still in conflict with Ukraine, it is said to indirectly harm China. Because China needs Russian machines and spare parts, it will continue to operate.

Because about 40 percent of the machines and spare parts used by the Chinese military must be imported from Russia. “China's military reliance on Russian-made machines and parts will only get worse if the conflict between Moscow and Kiev continues for months to come.

According to experts at a seminar held by China Aerospace Studies on May 17, about 40 percent of the machines used by the Chinese military, such as helicopters, fighter planes, etc., were imported from Russia. explained Defense Security Asia.

The existence of this conflict between Russia and Ukraine turned out to have an impact on China. If Russia does not provide the Chinese military with the machines it needs, this will become a serious problem.

"If Russia fails to sanction parts for up to 40 percent of the state-made machines used by the Chinese military due to the conflict in Ukraine and a tight economy by the West, then Beijing and its military forces will be in big trouble." add.

Military experts also discussed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is still ongoing. According to experts the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is protracted. This makes the Russian defense industry clearly prioritize the supply of engines and spare parts to the Moscow military first.

So that foreign markets that need Russian machines and spare parts will obviously be put first. “Experts are of the opinion that if the conflict in Ukraine drags on, Russian engine manufacturing companies will focus more on their engine production and supply of spare parts to meet Russian military needs first and not foreign markets.

The priority of Russian military machine manufacturing companies at this time is to support the country's military needs in Ukraine and not the needs of foreign countries. The actions of the Russian engine manufacturer will have an impact on the Chinese military, which has not been able to “break away” from dependence on Russian engines.” he explained.

China's defense industry itself has in fact been able to develop very competent machines. For example, the engine used in China's J-20 fighter jet. The Chinese J-20 stealth was found using an engine made in Beijing itself.

However, according to the Malaysian media, the machines that China is capable of are still unable to compete with those made by Russia. "Although China's defense industry has succeeded in producing locally made engines such as the WS-10 used by its fighter jets such as the J-20 Mighty Dragon, it is still not enough or rather the engine it produces is still not comparable. to machines manufactured by Russia or Western countries.” he added.

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