Astounding, 5 Missions For The F-22 Raptor And The Su-57 Felon Are Quite Bombastic

Astounding, 5 Missions For The F-22 Raptor And The Su-57 Felon Are Quite Bombastic
F-22 Raptor And The Su-57 Felon

International Military - Su-57 is one of Russia's newest fighter aircraft besides the Checkmate. The Su-57 'Felon' has stealth capabilities, in other words it is the latest generation of fighter jets. The new stealth aircraft is designed to replace the aging MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters.

Reporting from Military Today, it can also be seen as Russia's answer to the US F-22 Raptor. As is known, the development of this aircraft began in 2001. A prototype T-50 was revealed and made its maiden flight in 2010. In 2014 a pre-production prototype was delivered to the Russian Air Force for testing and evaluation. This trial was completed in 2015.

It is planned that this fighter will enter service in 2017-2018 and will reach full operational capability in 2020. Currently, the Su-57 is considered the most capable Russian fighter jet. In fact, there are rumors that the Su-57 has entered the Russian battle with Ukraine which is still raging today.

Referring to this, the Su-57 does have above average capabilities. There are many missions that he can do. Reporting from Military Watch Magazine, here are five missions that the Su-57 can carry out. Anything?

1. Electronic Warfare

The Su-57 is by far considered to have the most capable electronic warfare capabilities of any fighter aircraft in Russian service. It is equipped with six electronically scanned array radars throughout the operational airframe. It is also equipped with a laser defense system intended to blind infrared-guided weapons.

2. Sensor Testing

The Su-57 deploys twice or more radar as any other fighter aircraft in the world. Six radars in between allow each to track up to sixty targets simultaneously. The capability of this fighter aircraft can also operate with other Russian assets.

3. Export

The Su-57 program was developed largely with exports in mind. Algeria has even been widely reported to have ordered the unit. Meanwhile, other notable potential clients include India, Vietnam, Myanmar and Kazakhstan among many others.

4. Pilot Experience

In Syria, Russian Air Force pilots and other personnel cycle through the theater to provide as much experience as possible in combat conditions. This indicates that Russian pilots are ready to make the transition from another fighter jet to the Su-57 Felon.

5. Powerful weaponry

The Kh-59MK2 cruise missile is designed as the primary air-to-ground armament optimized for neutralizing small hardened targets at extreme ranges. The missile also provides a standoff strike capability that only very few aircraft in the world can match. The missile's advanced capabilities can make the Su-57 a very valuable asset.

Those are some of the missions that can be carried out by the Su-57 Felon fighter jet in the battlefield. Of the many missions, electronic warfare makes the Su-57 Felon very superior.

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