Vladimir Putin Announces Beginning of Attacks on Donbas Region, Ukraine

Vladimir Putin Announces Beginning of Attacks on Donbas Region, Ukraine
Vladimir Putin say Russia wan demilitarise Ukraine

International Military - Russia is said to have started carrying out attacks in eastern Ukraine. The attack is known to have occurred on Monday, April 19, 2022, after it was announced by the President of Ukraine, Zelensky. Quoted from The Hindu, Zelensky said that Russia had carried out a full-scale attack on Donbas, the eastern region of Ukraine.

He also said fighting had already begun in the Donbas, which Moscow was known to have been preparing for a long time. "Now we have stated that the Russian troops have started the battle for the Donbas, which they have been preparing for a long time," he said.

Furthermore, Zelensky said that part of Moscow's troops were indeed focusing on the attack on the Donbas.

It is known that the Donbas are the heart of Ukrainian industry. Most of its citizens speak Russian. The Kremlin has also stated that the attack on Donbas was the primary goal of the war. This was after an attempt to carry out an attack on Kyiv was declared unsuccessful by Russia.

However, Zelensky said that his military will continue to provide resistance and survive at all times. "No matter how many Russian troops are pushed there, we will fight. We will defend ourselves and do it every day," Zelensky said.

Quoted from Arab News, the Ukrainian government has asked civilians in Donbas to flee. This is done in order to save lives and anticipate casualties from attacks carried out by Moscow.

It is also known at this time that the first aid package from the United States military had just arrived at the Ukrainian border. The aid will later be used for Ukraine's struggle against the Moscow invasion.

Meanwhile, Russia's defense ministry said that there were currently 16 targets that were the point of Russia's attack. One of them was in Lviv which recently happened and caused civilian deaths.

The city of Lviv is known to be a place to store weapons recently shipped from America and Europe to Ukraine. Not only that, Lviv is also the largest city and a major transportation hub in Ukraine, located about 80 kilometers from Poland.

Russia has previously expressed a stance regarding the flow of Western-sent arms that Ukraine could use against Moscow. His party has also given a warning that the assistance will have its own consequences.

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