After Yachts, Now Roman Abramovich's 120 Billion Dollar Mansion Has Been Foreclosed

After Yachts, Now Roman Abramovich's 120 Billion Dollar Mansion Has Been Foreclosed
Roman Abramovich's $120 billion French mansion Château de la Croë has been confiscated /New York Post

International Military - It seems that the impact of Russia's attack on Ukraine is not only targeted at President Putin and his staff. It is known that Russia was sentenced to global economic sanctions in the form of cutting off financial access and bilateral cooperation relations between countries. In fact, people who are judged to have close ties to the Putin administration are also affected.

Roman Abramovich is one of the many oligarchs who are desperately trying to save himself and his assets. While he didn't manage to save one of the biggest clubs in the English league namely Chelsea F.C, his yacht was a new problem. Now, the Russian oligarch is rescuing his two super-luxury yachts, the Eclipse and the Solaris from the British Government.

The Eclipse cruise ship is estimated to cost USD 700 million while the smaller Solaris is worth USD 600 million. Quoted from Defense Security Asia, two luxury yachts belonging to Roman Abramovich are likely to be auctioned. And the problems do not stop there, the French authorities have confiscated a super luxurious mansion worth USD 120 billion belonging to the Russian oligarch.

Bought since 2001

French authorities have reportedly seized a $120 million mansion belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. The property is one of 12 residences owned by Abramovich in France. All of them have been confiscated in recent weeks, the Daily Mail reports. French officials are currently cracking down on the activities of wealthy Russians in their country to force Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine.

Roman Abramovich, who has a net worth of $8.3 billion, is a Kremlin confidant with close ties to Putin. He bought this mansion, known as the Château de la Croë in 2001 before spending nearly USD 40 million on renovations.

According to the Daily Mail, French authorities have confiscated and frozen a total of 33 properties belonging to the Russian oligarchs since Putin launched his military aggression against Ukraine in February. "Freezing property assets means they cannot be sold or used for rental income," said a source on the New York Post website.

The New York Post said they hoped the move would help Russian oligarchs pressure Putin to end the war. "It's all part of the sanctions program imposed on the Russian Federation in response to its military aggression against Ukraine," the source added.

The fate of Roman Abramovich

As already mentioned above, the French authorities have also confiscated this Russian oligarch's superyacht and helicopter. The total assets that have been seized are worth 27 billion dollars. A report emerged showing that Abramovich begged his power broker friends in Hollywood and the US to each lend him $1 million to survive. All of Abramovich's accounts have been frozen in the US and UK, the New York Post reports.

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