US' Deadly Howitzer Artillery Will Be A New Era of Russia Vs Ukraine War

US' Deadly Howitzer Artillery Will Be A New Era of Russia Vs Ukraine War
Here is a look at some of the weapons being used in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

International Military - Secretary of Defense United States (US) Lloyd Austin and military experts have found the ultimate key to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine. The key lies in the equipment and supplies of heavy weapons owned by both countries.

"Frankly, Russia has lost a lot of military capability and a lot of its troops. And we would like to see they don't have the capability to reproduce that capability very quickly," Austin told reporters in Poland on Monday, April 25, 2022, as quoted by Channel News Asia. .

Austin, who had just returned from Kiev where he met with Ukraine's defense chief and President Volodymyr Zelensky, then added that he wanted to make Russia weaker with a new strategy until it could not rise again.

"We want to see Russia weakened to the point where it can't do the things it did in invading Ukraine," Austin continued. The new strategy is to continue supplying Ukraine with advanced weapons in the form of Howitzer artillery.

"By sending artillery to Ukraine, we aim to reduce Russia's power. Not only on the immediate battlefield, but in the long term," said the US Secretary of Defense again. What Austin said was not a figment, the US, France, Czech Republic and other allies immediately acted quickly by sending long-range Howitzers to help Ukraine stack up Russian attacks in the East Donbas region.

At least 18 of the 90 recalled artillery that Washington promised in the past two weeks had been delivered to Ukrainian forces and more were being sought earlier this week. The US will also supply nearly 200,000 rounds of howitzer ammunition, and arrange ammunition supplies for Russian-made artillery currently operated by Ukrainian forces.

About 50 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained to use the US howitzer, and more are being trained this week. Meanwhile France delivered the highly advanced Caesar mobile Howitzer and the Czech Republic sent the older self-propelled Howitzer. Canada has also delivered howitzers and advanced guided "Excalibur" shells that can cover a range of more than 40 kilometers and deliver munitions on target.

"Their fight in the Donbas will depend heavily on what we call long-range fire, particularly artillery," a senior US defense official said. "That's why we focused them on getting artillery and tactical UAVs," the official said again on condition of anonymity.

What the US and its allies did by sending an artillery fleet was predicted by experts. US Civilian Expert in Field Artillery Mike Jacobson said artillery warfare was a shift from Washington's initial approach.

Initially the US only hoped to help prevent Russia's seizure of the Ukrainian capital and overthrow the Zelensky government. But in fact, aided by anti-aircraft and anti-armor missiles supplied by the United States and its European allies, Ukrainian forces forced the Russian military to withdraw from northern Ukraine within six weeks of the February 24 invasion.

Now, however, Russia is targeting control of large swathes of eastern and southern Ukraine, apparently aiming to expand into the center of the country. Russia began sending more troops to the Donbas and supplying more equipment.

Experts then believe that Russia is now using ranged fire to dislodge most of the Ukrainian troops and only then is sending ground troops and tanks to keep it underground. If Russia implements that strategy, the best option for Ukraine is to fight back using superior artillery and backed by air cover.

"This will lead to a war of attrition in which Ukraine, with allied-supplied equipment with longer range and more accurate targeting can stop Russia," Jacobson predicted. 

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