Kommuna's Old Ship Intervened To Evacuate The Moskva Ship, 28 Victims Were Reported To Have Drowned

Kommuna's Old Ship Intervened To Evacuate The Moskva Ship, 28 Victims Were Reported To Have Drowned
Kommuna's Old Ship

International Military - Russia announced that there were 28 victims of the sinking of the Moskva ship. Of the 28 victims, it is reported that one soldier died and 27 other crew members were missing. In order to evacuate Moscow, Russia has even deployed an old Kommuna train to carry out the evacuation.

Kommuna is a ship commissioned since 1915 and will salvage the wreckage or equipment of Moscow that sank in the Black Sea. According to a submarine warfare expert named HI Sutton, the Russian military is indeed conducting a rescue operation where the Moskva sank.

Kommuna, which intervened in the evacuation, was stationed in the military port of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula, near where the warship Moscow caught fire and sank on April 14. "Moskva is too large to recover fully, but large debris and rocket launchers can be pulled to the surface," Sutton said.

Kommuna is by design a catamaran that functions to save submarines. Previously the name Kommuna was the Volkhov ship which was officially changed in 1922. The Volkhov was unarmed because it did not have a combat mission. The ship's main mission is to recover or save a sunken submarine.

The Ministry of Defense said on April 22, 2022 that during the search and rescue of the ship Moskva, one soldier was killed and another 27 crew members were missing. The people aboard the Moskva had tried to put out the fire, but failed and it sank.

Then the remaining 296 crew members were finally evacuated and taken to Sevastopol. "The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated by the Black Sea Fleet and taken to Sevastopol," the Russian Ministry of Defense reports. Then most of the soldiers and sailors who served in Moscow expressed their desire to join the Russian Navy Ship.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also confirmed that it had provided support and helped the relatives of the victims of the sunken ship Moskva.

Meanwhile, the sinking of Moscow itself had become a matter of debate. According to reports circulating that the Moskva was sunk by a Ukrainian anti-ship missile, the Neptune. The Neptune is the first domestically-made medium-range cruise missile for Ukraine. The weapon was indeed designed to fight warships.

This missile is an update of the Soviet-era KH-25 missile which can only be fired from ships and planes. Its range is about 200 miles and is primarily designed to target warships such as cruisers and destroyers.

The Ukrainian missile attack then set a fire on the Moskva and sunk it. However, Russia does not admit that the Moskva was sunk by a Ukrainian Neptune missile.

Russian officials insist that the Moskva sank due to fire, not from a Ukrainian missile attack. The Moskva is claimed to have sunk when it was towed into port in bad weather during a storm following an explosion.

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