Ukraine's Tochka-U Missile Successfully Destroys Russia's 5,000 Ton Alligator Class Landing Ship

Ukraine's Tochka-U Missile Successfully Destroys Russia's 5,000 Ton Alligator Class Landing Ship
Russia's 5,000 Ton Alligator Class Landing Ship

International Military - Various advanced weapons have also been deployed from both Ukraine and Russia to dominate the war. In recent days Russia has not even hesitated to deploy its deadly missiles on Ukrainian territory. From Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to Bastion-P Russia has been sent to attack Ukrainian defenses.

On the other hand, Ukraine has also deployed its weapons well as a form of resistance to Russia's actions. One of the weapons used by the Ukrainian army is the Tochka-U missile.

A few days ago the Ukrainian side said the missile it sent was successful in destroying the Russian ship. The Ukrainian Navy on Thursday said it had destroyed a large Russian landing craft in the southern port of Berdyansk.

Russia has occupied the port for weeks to deliver military and other supplies to its invading forces.

On March 23, the Ukrainian army used Tochka-U short-range ballistic missiles to attack the landing fleet of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Berdyansk Port.

Ukraine managed to destroy the Russian Navy's 5,000-ton Alligator-class landing craft. Since February 26, the Ukrainian army has repeatedly used Tochka-U missiles to attack Russian military and non-military targets.

Even so, the Tochka-U missile is considered not to have high accuracy. The Russian army has deployed S-300 and S-400 air defense systems in various fields which successfully intercepted the Tochka-U missiles.

In the news circulating about the famous Russian landing craft with Ukrainian missiles, there is a difference in the situation announced by the two sides.

The Ukrainian army stated that some of the launched Tochka-U missiles were intercepted by Russian defense systems but one of them managed to hit the Russian landing craft.

This caused the hull of the Russian landing craft to explode and start a fire. On the other hand, the Russian army stated that all Tochka-U missiles launched by the Ukrainian army could be intercepted or missed their targets.

But in that case, even if the missile can be effectively intercepted, it can still cause significant damage.

Take, for example, on March 14, Ukraine launched Tochka-U into the central square of Donetsk. Although the missile could be intercepted, the sub-warhead it carried was not completely destroyed.

At that time, the missile was launched over a densely populated area so the debris of the missile caused the tragic killing of civilians after falling to the ground. Military spokesman for the DPR Eduard Basurin said that although the missile was intercepted and destroyed in the air, one of its explosive parts fell in the city area.

The missile debris killed 17 people and injured 28. Some of the missiles fell in the center of Donetsk, not far from the main government building. If not intercepted, the Tochka-U missile will certainly take more lives.

Ukrainian soldiers often carry sub-warheads to ensure the effectiveness of the Tochka-U strikes due to the missile's lack of accuracy.

The move to intercept the Tochka-U was not entirely successful by Russia on March 14 and 23, suggesting that the Moscow army was having difficulty dealing with the missile.

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