Ukraine's 'Neptune' Missile Has Sunk a Russian Ship, What Are Its Advantages?

Ukraine's 'Neptune' Missile Has Sunk a Russian Ship, What Are Its Advantages?
Russian ship known to be shot by Ukrainian Neptune missile / cbs news

International Military - It is reported today that Ukraine claims that it has destroyed a Russian ship. What is known, the attack Ukraine has used a missile weapon called "Neptune". The attack using the "Neptune" missile was initially announced by an official from Ukraine.

Quoted from the Washington Post page, one of the Ukrainian officials said that two Ukrainian Neptune missiles had hit the Russian ship. In this regard, it is rumored that troops have fired a Neptune anti-ship missile at Noskva. Which for this shooting, made the ship sink and destroy.

The Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Center in Ukraine has also said this in a post on his Twitter account. "For the first time ever, a warship was destroyed by an anti-ship missile made entirely by Ukraine," he wrote.

Not only that, one prominent activist also said that the success of the attack was extraordinary. Which has shown that Ukraine can handle more technologically advanced weapons.

Related to this, Moscow reported that the fire caused the ammunition stock to explode. Meanwhile, the crew was rescued and evacuated, before the ship sank due to bad weather during the withdrawal process to the port.

Get to know Ukraine's “Neptune” missile

Reported on the page, this Neptune missile has been officially used by the Ukarian Armed Forces since last August 2020. The RK-360MT Neptune is a mobile anti-ship cruise missile capable of destroying targets within 300 km.

Not only that, this missile is powered by a sophisticated engine for its working system, which has a length of 16 feet. As for speed, this Neptune missile is capable of going as far as 560 mph (900km/h), at an altitude of between nine and thirty feet above the surface.

With a weight of up to 870 kg, this missile is capable of carrying a warhead weighing up to 150 kg. This would certainly enable them to destroy targets up to 5,000 tonnes, using radar tracking guidance.

It is also known that normally Neptune missiles have six launchers USPU-360 , which is capable of salvo firing of 24 anti-ship missiles.

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