The US's decision to reduce the F-35 fighter jet fleet is ridiculous, here's why


The US's decision to reduce the F-35 fighter jet fleet is ridiculous, here's why
F-35 fighter jet

International Military - News has spread, on March 27, the US decided to reduce the procurement of the fifth generation fighter aircraft, the F-35. The US government will initially buy a total of 85 F-35s for this year. But the US government will ultimately only 61 units of the F-35, the Jakarta Zone quoted from Dallas News.

Why is that? Top Pentagon officials assess that multiplying the F-35 is not currently a priority. The top priority is modernizing the future F-35. Lockheed Martin as the maker of the plane was not free from criticism.

"The technology is immature, lacking and insufficiently tested," the Pentagon criticized Lockheed Martin. Given that China and other major powers are investing heavily in the development of their own fighter fleets, modernization is a step taken by the US. Of course, this decision invites pros and cons, one of which comes from a media that always reports news on defense equipment and international geo-politics.

19FortyFive will explain 3 reasons why the US Government's decision to reduce F-35 procurement is ridiculous.

Cutting off a major power in the middle of a war is a foolish act

We know that there is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine, this is the first major European cross-border aggression since 1945. Although Russia's attacks are not always successful, without the help of tactical aircraft, the war will be detrimental to nearby countries, especially NATO.

With that logic, 19FortyFive considers the decision to cut the only fifth-generation fighter aircraft produced by the US at this time is a wrong decision. The air force just left with the F-35 for Europe, and they still need larger numbers to protect NATO nations. Trimming the F-35 was a mistake for NATO countries but, it could also be good news for Russia.

F-35 cuts just as two major allies intend to buy it

The two allies are Canada and Germany. For the uninitiated, buying the F-35 costs a lot of money. And when buying combat equipment especially the F-35 is a very exclusive asset, buying it is not enough just with money.

Political, economic and other agreements are common in arms transactions between countries. Therefore, Canada and Germany's decision to buy the F-35 is proof that the allies are truly united in the pursuit of shared security.

Germany intends to modernize NATO's tactical nuclear capabilities with the F-35A and Canada intends to purchase 88 of the advanced aircraft. But just on the day that Canada intended to buy it, the Pentagon unveiled its plan to reduce orders for the F-35 in its entirety starting on October 1. This US decision sounds contrary to the intentions of NATO allies to pursue collective security and unity.

2023 is Biden's first defense budget, and the F-35's move makes him look weak

The 2022 defense budget for the Biden administration is nothing more than the Trump regime's "leftover" spending.

The 2023 proposal is an opportunity for Biden to showcase his military vision, the decision to cut procurement of the F-35 makes him seem weak in the eyes of the public. What many people need to know, the F-35 is the "main star" in the ideals of the US military, this aircraft is believed to dominate the air and allies until the middle of the century.

Even if there is no war (Russia-Ukraine) cutting the budget for the F-35 will give the government a bad image, especially for Biden. Because the decision implies Biden's lack of seriousness in funding military readiness and preparedness.

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