The prowess of China's J-10 Fighter Jet Missile is Terrible, Capable of Destroying the Enemy in One Shot

The prowess of China's J-10 Fighter Jet Missile is Terrible, Capable of Destroying the Enemy in One Shot
China's J-10 Fighter Jet Missile
International Military - China is known for its great military power. Even some observers say that China's military power is not inferior to European military prowess. One of the things that makes China respected is because of its cool and strong air military power.

They have a technologically advanced fighter jet named the J-10 fighter jet. It is not only the J-10 Tempr Jet that must be watched out for, but also the missile weapons it carries. The power of China's J-10 fighter jet missile cannot be underestimated.

Because even though it has low specifications at a low price, the Chinese-made J-10 fighter jet missiles are very deadly. As is known, the number of J-10 fighter jets belonging to the Bamboo Curtain country can be ascertained to reach 500 units.

But besides numbers, there is one more thing to know about this Chinese J-10 fighter jet. The latest information says if there is a type of J-10 fighter jet that can carry killer missiles. has even mentioned that the J-10 Type C Fighter Jet is the one that can carry killer missiles. It was explained that the mainstay missile of the J-10 type C fighter jet is the PL-15 type which is capable of being fired from a distance.

This could be a real threat to China's enemies who want to attack from the air. Not only that, the PL-15 missile is also claimed to have AESA speed that is well-known in its class. Regarding range, other countries also need to be vigilant, because even though the price is cheap, the PL-15 missile has a range of 145 km or about 90 km.

This missile also has four speeds of sound that can shoot objects from medium to long distances. Make no mistake, the size of the PL-15 missile is relatively small. Even some sources say if this missile can be inserted into the weapons bay of the J-10 Fighter Jet. However this missile carries lethal force if it explodes

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