Learning from Russia-Ukraine Invasion, Taiwan Develops Advanced Missiles and Drones to Confront China

International Military - It is known at this time that Taiwan is developing advanced missiles and drones. This is done to maintain regional security and can also attack enemy air bases. Not only that, quoted from the asahi page, the drone or drone will later be able to target the intended shooting location.

It is known until now that Taiwan has agreed to spend a large amount of money on their military needs. This is due to tensions with China, which is known to claim the island is its own.

Chinese aircraft are also known to continue to repeatedly fly in Taiwanese airspace which makes them even more wary. Therefore, China is reportedly planning to more than double their annual missile production capacity.

The ground attack missile, known as the Hsiung Sheng, has been developed with a range of up to 1,000 km. This Hsiung Sheng missile comes in two versions, one of which is useful for high-explosive warheads to hit bunkers and powerful command centers.

While the other version uses "spreader" ammunition and is used to facilitate airfields. In this regard, a researcher from the Taipei National Policy Foundation, Chieh Chung, said that Hsiung Sheng's abilities were extraordinary.

The missiles were able to reach most bases under the command of the People's Liberation Army Eastern Theater, including those near Shanghai and Zhejiang Province. In addition, the defense ministry has previously announced that there are plans to start production of "attack drones".

This was indeed done because Taiwan took lessons from the case of Russia's invasion of Ukraine since last February. This lesson or tactic can be taken by Taiwan to counter attacks from China on the case.

Reporting from the world republic, this decision was also accompanied by the war between Russia and Ukraine which had caused a lot of loss and destruction. This is also a warning sign for the island that China is also trying to carry out a similar invasion.

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