Google Maps Satellite Leaks Russia's Military Position Around the World

Google Maps Satellite Leaks Russia's Military Position Around the World
Google Maps Satellite Leaks Russia's Military Position Around the World

International Military - A major US company, Google, is alleged to have lifted censorship restrictions on satellite imagery showing the sensitive location of Russia's strategic military area.

This image produced by Google Maps satellite shows Russia's military bases, ballistic missile launch sites, military command centers and various strategic assets of the country including its warships, Defense Security Asia reports.

Among the satellite images involved include images of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in port, the nuclear-powered battleship "Peter The Great" in Murmansk with the Slava-class cruiser "Marshal Ustinov".

In another satellite image, it shows two nuclear-powered submarines near two smaller ones also in Murmansk. Google Maps satellite images also show the situation at the air base in Kursk with the presence of Su-57 fighters. It should be noted that these visible images are considered not up-to-date, sometimes satellite images are not updated for years. That is, the image of the Russian ship configuration and hardware could be very different today, the Jakarta Zone quoted the Daily Mail as saying.

Bad news for Russia

Traditionally, Google Maps does not display the military area of ​​a country by displaying it in a blurry/low resolution. After the image of the base and the Russian military positions were revealed, the Ukrainian army practically benefited for 50 days of war.

Even the Ukrainian Armed Forces posted news that the Russian base was visible on Google Maps, quoted by News Rebeat. "Now everyone can see various Russian launchers, intercontinental ballistic missile mines, command posts and secret storage areas at a resolution of about 0.5 meters per pixel," he said.

Satellite imagery is a big problem for Russia, as it provides Ukraine with information on the movements of Kremlin troops. In addition, this satellite photo contradicts Russia's claim that they have committed no war crimes, quoted by News Rebeat.

Google rebuttal

The Ukrainian military claims that the lifting of censorship restrictions is closely linked to the conflict between Kyiv and the Kremlin, which Google denies. Through a Google spokesperson who said that satellite images showing the Russian military were accessible even before the conflict occurred.

There have also been a number of sanctions imposed by Google on Russia since the beginning of this conflict on February 24. Among them are stopping the sale of news in Russia, stopping access to Google Play for some users there in line with economic sanctions. As well as banning the posting of advertisements by Russian government agencies on Google's YouTube, citing Defense Security Asia.

In retaliation, Russia threatened to fine Google for posting inaccurate information about the country on You Tube.

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