Chinese Media: US Only Sends Old Groups to Help Ukraine War

Chinese Media: US Only Sends Old Groups to Help Ukraine War
Servicemen of the Ukrainian Military Forces on patrol in the small town of Severodonetsk, in Ukraine's Donetsk region, Feb. 27, 2022.

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not yet cooled. The war between the two countries is still going on today. The first time Russia decided to invade Ukraine was in February 2022.

Until now, the invasion has claimed lives, weapons, and natural resource reserves. Russia bravely stood up to continue attacking Ukraine. Although in essence, Vladimir Putin also had to lose millions of dollars every day because of this invasion.

While Russia is struggling on its own feet, Ukraine is desperate for help. Who was the first country that Ukraine cried out for in terms of aid? is the United States.

The US said it would send more artillery to Ukraine to help it repel a Russian military offensive. The United States will also deploy thousands of additional troops to the south and east of the country as it prepares for the next phase.

Joe Biden, the US president, made the announcement during a visit to New Hampshire on Tuesday, answering "yes" when asked by reporters if the Pentagon would send more artillery. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby also confirmed this.

"If Ukraine wants more artillery support then we will do what we can to bring in more artillery support," he said.

The US aid package to Ukraine is estimated to be worth around $800 million and includes artillery and anti-armor and anti-aircraft equipment, one of the officials said. Rumors about US aid for Ukraine became interesting news for Chinese media,

They said if the US was going to send artillery in the form of soldiers in iron uniforms to Ukraine. However, wrote that the troops sent were old. The US will send aid by bringing in artillery consisting of troops born in the 1980s

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