Aircraft Carrier Vikramaditya, The Only Russian Aircraft Carrier Dying And Still Being Forced To Serve

Aircraft Carrier Vikramaditya, The Only Russian Aircraft Carrier Dying And Still Being Forced To Serve
Vikramaditya during her delivery voyage in 2014

International Military - Russia apparently only has one aircraft carrier that is already dying. As is known, Russia is known as one of the countries with the strongest military. In fact, the military power of the country led by Vladimir Putin is almost on par with the United States. But did you know that the Moscow military is not equipped with an aircraft carrier at least until now.

The only aircraft carrier Russia has is the Admiral Kuznetsov. Even though their neighbor, the United States, has recorded 11 aircraft carriers as of April 2022. Indeed, warships are not a priority for Russia. At least until the outbreak of the Japanese war in 1905.

At that time, the Russian Navy was the third most powerful in the world, but they were forced to be repulsed by a major threat from Japan. From then on, the Russians began to think about building their own aircraft carrier.

According to Defense Express, many Russian warships were previously manufactured at the Nikolayev Shipyard in Ukraine. That is why the conflict between the two countries of the former Soviet Union had quite a negative impact on Russia. But that doesn't mean Moscow doesn't have the capability to build ships.

At least they have the Vikramaditya aircraft carrier even though its status is not the Russian Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier. However, in general it can be said that Russia only has one aircraft carrier on duty in their seas. Even then, his condition is not fine, aka dying and sad.

This causes aircraft carriers to spend more time at the shipyard than operating at sea. The Admiral Kuznetsov suffered a deadly electrical fire, a poor landing, a sinking dry dock, and some damage.

However, Russia is rumored to still be forcing Admiral Kuznetsov to carry out his duties. The Russian government is currently working on upgrading this dying aircraft carrier by 2022. Russia does not really think about aircraft carriers because their focus is not on strengthening the navy.

Russia has no overseas bases, which are critical to carrier operations like the US. This is why Russia has never been, and most likely never will be the strongest navy in the world

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