After Apologizing Video of Emperor Hirohito, Will Ukraine Still Receive Aid From Japan?

After Apologizing Video of Emperor Hirohito, Will Ukraine Still Receive Aid From Japan?
Presidential Administration of Ukraine

International Military - The Ukrainian government has apologized to the Japanese state. The apology was conveyed by the Ukrainian government via a post on its Twitter account.

The Ukrainian government previously posted a description of the Russian invasion as "contemporary russism". In the video upload, three figures from the Second World War, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, are juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

The Ukrainian government later described it as Nazism and Fascism. "Fascism and Nazism were defeated in 1945," he wrote. Knowing the Ukrainian government's upload, Japan of course did not accept it.

Citing Japan Today, the Japanese government has officially requested through diplomatic channels to remove the image of Emperor Hirohito. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Izozaki said it was very inappropriate for Ukraine to do so. "It is utterly inappropriate and deeply regrettable," he said of a Ukrainian post that included a photo of the Japanese emperor.

Not only that, a sharper reaction also came from Japanese Twitter users who also did not approve of the upload. Until finally, the Ukrainian government apologized for including a photo of the Japanese emperor during the war. After apologizing, the Ukrainian government immediately deleted the photo of Emperor Hirohito.

After the removal, Isozaki said that it would have no effect on Japan's aid to Ukraine. Even Japan will continue to provide loans to Ukraine, as well as provide supplies such as gas masks. In addition, the Japanese side will also continue to accept Ukrainians who fled the country due to the current war.

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