Russian Missile Hits Ukrainian Mercenary Training Ground


Russian Missile Hits Ukrainian Mercenary Training Ground
Russia says it has attacked a Ukrainian training facility, killing up to 180 'foreign mercenaries'.

International Military - Russia and Ukraine are still in super 'hot' conditions. Because Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine since February 24. In the attacks carried out by Russia, various public facilities and so on in Ukraine have been destroyed.

Recently, The Eurasian Times even discussed the attack in Lviv City, Western Ukraine carried out by Russia. The attack said the main facility for Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets had been targeted by Russian missiles. You need to know, the Russian attack was not far from the easternmost wing of NATO, namely Poland.

Recently, as quoted from the People's Mind, it turns out that Russia has rained field missiles that are often used by Ukrainian mercenaries for training. Before carrying out the attack on the Ukrainian mercenaries, Russia itself is reported to have given a stern warning.

"Russia has warned that any country should not give its citizens permission to enter a war zone in Ukraine." light of the People's Mind. If anyone interferes in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, then Moscow can legitimately launch an attack on it. Therefore, Ukrainian mercenaries are also Russia's 'targets'.

Recently, Russia reported that a training ground used by Ukrainian mercenaries had been destroyed. Russia used Iskander missiles in carrying out attacks on the mercenaries.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated this on Friday, March 25, 2022. However, the Russian Ministry did not say whether the location of the training center was being actively used and killed the mercenaries.

Until now there is no information whether any mercenaries were victims of the Russian missile attack. On March 21, Russian troops attacked another training center for foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian nationalists in the Rovno region with precision-guided cruise missiles.

"That day, more than 80 Ukrainian mercenaries and nationalists were removed," the Defense Ministry said.

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